Festival Girl Rates: PetFest 2010 | Holroyd City Council

Festival Girl Verdict: 3.5/5

On a cloudy but still inviting Sunday morning, I decided to check out this year’s Petfest which I missed out on last year.Walking through the gates of Holroyd Gardens, the sight of visitors embracing the spirit of the festival and bringing along their best friend. The only thing that seems to be missing from this day was Dr Harry. Indeed it was a day to walk with the animals, talk with the animals, Grunt and squeak and squawk with the animals… well you get the idea. 

Festival Girl highlights:
Watching the Flyball tournaments and trying to remember whihc border collie was the one I was originally routing for? Oh yer, it was the one with the black spot on the eye, or was it the one with one white foot. Anyway, man can they move. What’s even cuter is seeing the tiny puff balls trying to compete with the supersonic border collies and seeing the fluff on their tails whoosh as they collies speed by them. There’s so much energy in the air, I think I need to take a seat.

Possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

Best Costumed Pets:
Look at those tiny shorts, I want to eat them

Is this a slurpee or a Maltese Terrier?
You can call me Princess Chihuhua

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Woah – look at those ears 

What a cutie, in a cross between John Wayne, Terminator and Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Cute stall called Gourmet Dog Biscuits and Treats. It was so cute couldnt resist buying a donut for my doggie. Be warned, as good as these look, they are PET FOOD ONLY and are all 100% perserviative free and colour free. So won’t make your pet’s tummy hurt.

Pizza for Dogs? 
 Mmmm Donuts

Bite Me! Genious work, comes with instructions
Lots of different varieties for even the fussiest pooch
Trust me – when I was looking at these, I had to keep telling myself PET FOOD ONLY
This event really highlight the importance and responsibilities of having pets and how much our pets mean to people.

Gold coin donataion makes this really economical day out for the family and supports a great cause.

Watching the little Jack Russell Terriers chase the fussy ferret thing was so cute. I tried to take some snaps, but they were to quick. Note to self, need to upgrade camera for fast action shots involving sprinting Jack Russell Terriers.

I couldn’t have timed this picture better even if I wanted to

Randomly walking around and seeing a walking Petstore come to life and suddenly I feel like Angelina Jolie with her kids wanting to adopt a breed from every continent.

Love is in the air

Aww everybody loves pugs

I don’t think this image does this GIANT dog justice. It was amazing to see in the flesh.

Don’t mess with me, one gulp and you’re gone

Festival Girl Lowlights:

Random doogie poops on the grass that owners forgot to pick up. Eww. Its called Poop and scoop people.

   Gold Coin Donation Entry

Dammit I missed it?!
If you’d like to visit this event, it is happening again Next year around the same time.

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Holroyd City Council Presents PetFest 2010

PetFest is on again! Holroyd City Council is organising the event for 2010 at Holroyd Gardens to promote responsible pet ownership.

PetFest is a fun day out for pet lovers (and their pets) with a large number of stalls, displays, educational activities and information with free entertainment all day. It’s a fun day out with a good message; PetFest is all about promoting responsible pet ownership, and creating awareness in animal rescue. I don’t want to get to preachy, but there are all too many pets out there in animal adoption centres like the RSPCA waiting for an owner to take them home. The best thing about the event is all proceeds raised on the day are donated to animal rescue and education for the Holroyd community.

Take me to the pilot… Cute and sun safe

Activites on the day include:
Pet Passion for Fashion parade; enter your pet to win
Free dog dancing lessons
Free pony rides and animal farm
Free kids’ activities
Free microchipping (owners to register first) and Scan and Win competition
Free entertainment and demonstrations; Meet Tom and Jerry, and see Stockland Merrylands Jack and Jess performing live
Stalls and prizes 

Download PetFest poster for more information

When: Sunday 19 September 2010
Time: 10am – 3pm
Where: Holroyd Gardens, Corner of Pitt Street and Walpole street
Organiser: Holroyd City Council
Entry Fee: Gold coin donation entry fee on the day to raise money for local pet rescue organisations.
Don’t forget to bring your pet with you!

For more info, check it out:

I’ll be in the neighbourhood for Petfest 2010, so come back next week and take a squiz at Festival Girl’s review on this years Petfest! I might even take my pet along with me, I wonder how juggling a SLR and a hyper active Border Collie will go?…