Festival Girl Rates: Bead and Gem Show | Olympic Park Sydney 2010

Festival Girl Verdict: 3/5
The 2010 Bead and Gem show somehow snuck up on me this year, even though I’ve been to this event for the last 3 years, really need to invest in a diary that slaps me in the face to remind me.

This is a cute event for the all beadgeeks who are nutters about beads, designing and making their own jewellery, buying hand made jewellery, precious gems, gold and silver, pearls, beading supplies, findings, tools, books and did I mention beads? I think I could spend the rest of my lifetime counting the number of beads  housed for the show and so many different varieties, there really is something for everybody.YES these events are usually catered for the female loving bead-obsessed customer, but I did see a few boys being dragged along by their girlfriends saying, ‘we’re almost done.’ Good on you fellas who stick it out, we will owe you one when some motor event is on and you make us come along and watch you drool all over chromed 26″ rims and busty blondes wearing hot pants. Hmm, starting to question if the trade off is really that fair?
Festival Girl highlights of the day:
One of my favourite thing about this event is the free workshops of bead and jewellery classes. They are frequent and very welcoming to sit down, listen to the professionals and learn different techniques, or open your eyes to show you that you can do it too. Best advice is to bring a pen and note pad as photos are not allowed.

Featuring in the show also is the chance to see the featured juried exhibit of inspiring bead art that makes your jaw drop and say “really…these are made only from beads?”

Some of the exhibitors include:

Beads Online 
Love these wooden tree necklace stands, with cute resin necklaces, so cute from Beads Online
For those who know me by know, I LOVE Japanese and Russian Dolls – How adorable
Storybook bracelets – beautiful

Kezzi Design 
An upcoming designer with some beautiful pieces, see Kezzi Designs for more
Hot Dot Designs
For the funkiest Zebra tools in town, check out Hot Dot Designs
Kimono Girls
Now I Just adore Kimono Girls stall, from the authentic Japanese prints to the oh so cute inspired accessories
NewChris Beaded Flowers
A rose by any other name…
A colour for every mood…
Patterns for these stunning works of Art are available from NewChris Beaded Flowers
Maybe this is what the garden of Eden looks like – in a crafters world
Picture Perfect
Posh Pendants
So many beautiful textures and gems – sensory overload
Beaded accessories available from Posh Pendants, email for more info
Would wearing ALL these bracelets at once be too much? There is too many to choose from
Note to self – Must find big enough shelf in my room to house all these pretty creatures
Ah to have all the time in the world (and money) to have a look at all these

The RockShop
Beads…Beads…and more Beads
So many pretty colours, the RockShop is located in QLD, so if your in the neighbourhood…

Venetian Imports 

Venetian imports are direct importers of Murano glass beads, Venetian glass beads…

…Italian Jewellery, fans and masks.
 …Murano glass

…Venetian glass
 Aww how cute, these cuties are definitely not for kids

Festival Girl lowlights of the day:

No pictures policy. This event is probably one of the most strict of all these fun loving crafty events, so be warned, there is a no photo policy without getting permissions. I understand why the policy is in place, protecting intellectual properties and copyrights on designs etc. However, on a personal note, when you are excited young beader going to their first show and getting snap happy, being told ‘no pictures or you will be kicked out’ is quite a harsh smack in the face of reality and bums you out. But never mind, thats why people like me are out there doing the hard yards so you all don’t have to 🙂


1 day Visitor Ticket$13.00

2 day Visitor Ticket$26.00
3 day Visitor Ticket$30.00
Concession(student, pensioner)$11.00
Children (9 – 12 years)$7.00
Children 8 and underfree
Dammit I missed it?!

If you’d like to visit this event, it is happening again same time next year and exhibits in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Check it out Bead and Gem Show site for more info. 

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