Best Christmas Lights In Sydney | Featuring Greystanes

Festival Girl Rates: 8.5/10
It’s the most wonderful time of the year – time to look at Christmas lights! This year I decided  to head to Greystanes; specifically Camellia St and Cumberland Rd. I’d recommend Cumberland Rd if you want somewhere to walk along the streets enjoying your choice from four ice cream trucks (count them, 4!)

Ice cream!

Look, reindeer!


How cute are these reindeer, they are so cartoon like

Star light, star bright…First star I see tonight

The whole nativity gang are here tonight

Oh sew crafty

If you lived here, you’d be home by now

Look at this crazy Christmas car! All done up in lights
Full moon, Christmas lights, ice cream – a perfect night

Rudolph the red nose reindeer and his lady say Merry Christmas

Lovin’ these house owners making some extra cash and selling some glow toys. Ca-ching

3….2….1…Happy New Year…Oh, no, wait, still Christmas

Camellia St, although quieter, has one house that is not to miss, number 44 Camellia St. It’s definitely the best house I’ve ever seen! The level of complexity and detail put into the home is incredible and would give any Hollywood Christmas fantasy run for its money. I lost count how many reindeer I saw, but basically, the world will never have a problem if reindeer become extinct, as this house could repopulate the world.

Woah, Christmas overload – Amazing

Christmas Aussie style, Santa on a speed boat 

So many Santas, which one is the imposter

Aww, so precious

Ah, that’s where the North Pole is?

Half man, half Reindeer. His name, Rudolf perhaps?

Wonder what Santa is reading? Wonder if its his list, and he maybe checking it twice?

Christmas wonderland

Snow angels! The first time I saw snow, was went on a trip with my family to Las Vegas in winter. I was so excited, driving along a highway, near some open land, we pull over. I rip the door open to find, no fields covered in snow. Just cold dessert sand. In fact, the only snow that I find is muddy, brown snow/ice/water on the side of the road. Looking up at my parents, I try to play with the sad, sad snow and manage to build a mini lop sided snow ball thing. Not really what I imagined.

Now this is more like it. So magical, I could stare at this all day. Apparently the owner has said she heard a child say to her, that they wait 365 days to see her house every year
This should be my last post for the year, so for all my darling readers, enjoy this precious time with your family. Do your thing; be it watching classic Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation with all your family on one couch in the dark, fighting for the couch arm, drinking some fruit punch as your Christmas tree lights magically twinkle on and off. Or perhaps trying to smile and subside your frustration when your loud uncle is trying to use the ‘video recorder’ and holding it the wrong way around. Make Christmas your own.


P.s. If your wondering where this super cute Christmas Illustration came from, its from Ala Paredes who I first met at the Parramatta Chalk Urban Art Festival – she is a truly talented artist. To make this image, she scanned interesting patterns and textures from fabric scraps to make a digital collage. The stars are actually cut out from photos of St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Festival Girl xox

How To Make Christmas Cutlery Booties | Free Tutorial By Festival Girl

I nearly died when I originally saw these Christmas Cutlery Booties in a Boutique store. As I was about to get my plastic card out to buy some of the booties, I realised that I was in love with the concept but not the product. I thought to myself that these Booties would be simple enough to make myself and I can decorate them as I like and for only a fraction of the cost. 

Here are some I’ve made to use for our family dinner this Christmas. Adorable or what?

How can you do it?

Obtain the following Materials: 

– Hot Glue Gun
– Red felt / green felt sheets
– White Felt trimming
– Black, white embroidery string
– Sewing needle
-Black sequins/beads
– Cardboard and Pen
– Christmas silver, red, gold, green, black Scrap bits – most of mine were from chocolate boxes, old gifts, bag straps, Christmas decorations etc  

Step 1:
Design a Santa bootie on a scrap of cardboard using the pen and cardboard. You can draw your own or find one on the web, but make sure at least a knife and fork will fit comfortably. This will be used as your stencil guide for cutting out. Cut out two identical boots to make one bootie from the red felt sheet.

 Step 2:
Using the white embroidery thread, make a blanket stitch to join both booties together. Make sure you stitch these the right way out, as there will be no need for flipping these. Make sure you leave enough string to go around the entire boot and start the stitch from the top of boot (as we will cover this with some felt.) 

Step 3: 
As you begin to stitch the tip of the toe, incorporate 3 black sequins to both sides of the bootie (6 sequins for each bootie). Stitch these as apart of the blanket stitch to look the best. when you reach the top of the bootie, tie it off. It doesn’t really matter if its too messy, this will be covered.

Step 4:
 Here is one variation of the bootie – I first glued a gold ribbon and then glued a red ribbon with a gold bell threaded through it. Another variation is cut enough of the white felt and to keep it neat, make a small hem on each length. To further decorate, I’ve added a thin red ribbon and glued some metallic Christmas decoration. I’ve only added to the embellishment to one side, but you can add to both if you wish. 

Step 5: 
There you go – copy and repeat the process for as many booties as you need. Best thing is you can use these year after year and will have the handmade touch to your Christmas. 

When you do get to make these, I’d love to see some pics of the ones you make at home. Don’t be shy, make a comment or send me a pic and I’ll put them up for everyone to see.

Love, Festival Girl xox

Where To See The Best Christmas Lights Display In Sydney 2010 | Festival Girl Guide

To celebrate Christmas this year, I’ve decided to compile a list of Sydney’s Top 20 Christmas lights display for 2010. Christmas is a time to spend time with your loved ones, a time to reflect on the year that past, a time to cram as many of your family members in a car and visit all the Christmas lights display across Sydney. 

With only 5 more sleeps to Christmas say, there is certainly a buzz in the air about the the most cherished day of the year. Enjoy this time of the year and be thankful for the generosity of Sydney-siders (considering the rising Electricity prices) getting into the Christmas spirit and providing you with a magical Christmas lights display. 

Here is Festival Girl’s guide where to see the best Christmas lights display in Sydney for 2010:

1) St Andrew Gate, Elanora Heights
11) Watling Avenue, West Hoxton
2) Sorlie Road, Frenchs Forest
12) Buring Crescent, Minchinbury
3) Oakleigh Avenue, Thornleigh
13) Ballantree Drive, St Andrews
4) Onyx Road Artamon
14) Camellia Street, Greystanes
5) Dalton Road, Mosman
15) Vancouver Avenue, Toongabie
6) Waratah Street, North Bondi
16) Mallee street, Quakers Hill
7) Falconer Street, West Ryde
17) Troon Ct, Glenmore Park
8) Acton Street, Croydon
18) Winbourne Road, Mulgoa
9) Second Street, Ashbury
19) Drysdale Circuit, Beaumont Hills
10) Madrers Avenue, Kogarah
20) Oyster Bay Road, Oyster Bay

Festival Girl Tips:

Planning to go see the lights? Here are some tips to help you plan for your big night out:

  • Bring some spare dollars, most places have ice cream vans on site – that way you can have a stroll and a delightful ice cream
  • If you have little ones, bring alone glow in the dark toys, glow torches and sticks to avoid the temptation of buying new ones
  • Bring some drinks and your own sweets or goodies to enjoy as you stroll
  • As it is a busy time and lots of people are trying to look at the lights at the same time, try to walk to the street if possible or leave your car a few streets further. This way the street doesn’t get so congested and also, you get a little exercise, not really a bad thing for anyone
Free Christmas Lights at London Drugs Canada

If the above areas are not close by for you, try here for a more in-depth list to the Christmas light displays around Sydney.

Love, Festival Girl xox