How To Make Christmas Cutlery Booties | Free Tutorial By Festival Girl

I nearly died when I originally saw these Christmas Cutlery Booties in a Boutique store. As I was about to get my plastic card out to buy some of the booties, I realised that I was in love with the concept but not the product. I thought to myself that these Booties would be simple enough to make myself and I can decorate them as I like and for only a fraction of the cost. 

Here are some I’ve made to use for our family dinner this Christmas. Adorable or what?

How can you do it?

Obtain the following Materials: 

– Hot Glue Gun
– Red felt / green felt sheets
– White Felt trimming
– Black, white embroidery string
– Sewing needle
-Black sequins/beads
– Cardboard and Pen
– Christmas silver, red, gold, green, black Scrap bits – most of mine were from chocolate boxes, old gifts, bag straps, Christmas decorations etc  

Step 1:
Design a Santa bootie on a scrap of cardboard using the pen and cardboard. You can draw your own or find one on the web, but make sure at least a knife and fork will fit comfortably. This will be used as your stencil guide for cutting out. Cut out two identical boots to make one bootie from the red felt sheet.

 Step 2:
Using the white embroidery thread, make a blanket stitch to join both booties together. Make sure you stitch these the right way out, as there will be no need for flipping these. Make sure you leave enough string to go around the entire boot and start the stitch from the top of boot (as we will cover this with some felt.) 

Step 3: 
As you begin to stitch the tip of the toe, incorporate 3 black sequins to both sides of the bootie (6 sequins for each bootie). Stitch these as apart of the blanket stitch to look the best. when you reach the top of the bootie, tie it off. It doesn’t really matter if its too messy, this will be covered.

Step 4:
 Here is one variation of the bootie – I first glued a gold ribbon and then glued a red ribbon with a gold bell threaded through it. Another variation is cut enough of the white felt and to keep it neat, make a small hem on each length. To further decorate, I’ve added a thin red ribbon and glued some metallic Christmas decoration. I’ve only added to the embellishment to one side, but you can add to both if you wish. 

Step 5: 
There you go – copy and repeat the process for as many booties as you need. Best thing is you can use these year after year and will have the handmade touch to your Christmas. 

When you do get to make these, I’d love to see some pics of the ones you make at home. Don’t be shy, make a comment or send me a pic and I’ll put them up for everyone to see.

Love, Festival Girl xox

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