Recipe for Valentines Day Chocolate Covered Strawberries – Free Tutorial

 I decided to make Chocolate covered strawberries for my Valentine. For those that know me,  this is a big thing for me, as cooking and I aren’t always the best of friends. The only things I really cook well is breakfast, desserts and smoothies. I like to think of them as my specialties.

Recipe For Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Step 1: Clean strawberries and dry them off with some paper towel.

Step 2: Start melting cooking chocolate by preparing a bain marie – a fancy French way of saying, gently simmer some water in a pot, and place a bowl on top and the chocolate buttons inside the bowl. The chocolate will melt from the heat but wont be exposed to the water.

Step 3: Gently stir the chocolate until the chocolate is smooth and runny. 

Step 4: Keep the chocolate on heat and start strawberry dipping. Once dipped, place the strawberries on greaseproof paper and set aside to cool. Or alternatively, you can place them in the fridge too cool.

Okay, so this is my version of the recipe, it may not be the smoothest finish, but has a real rustic look (and still tastes oh so yummy).

 My first batch was a complete failure, I think I had the heat too high and managed to get some water from the bain marie condensation. So be careful and buy some back up cooking chocolate just in case. I decided to try to ‘rescue’ it  by adding some margarine. It did not make it better, only made it worse. So I decided to make a chocolate wrapped pretzel stick out of it. (Yes, thats it below, the poopy stick looking thing). Not the most appealing dessert, but tasty (yes arteries slowly clogging with stuffed up chocolate, margarine and salty pretzels ahh)

Happy Valentines Day – Love is in the air!

What lovely things did you make/buy for your valentine??

xox Love, 

Festival Girl

*(Go on comment, I dare you! I love pugs, tell me why you love them too?)*

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