My Favourite Jewellery finds | Bead Funk Designs

I was introduced to Bead Funk Designs at last year’s Holroyd Food and Wine Festival and was subsequently introduced to her lovely handmade jewellery collection. 

Here are some of the handmade jewellery pieces that  Bead Funk Designs have kindly sent to me. Yippy! Let me tell you I was so excited when I finally saw this package come in, I eagerly ripped the (lovely) packaging open to see what was inside. 

I adore the antique gold ring with Turquoise flower  – its my favourite colour! I really like the ring detailing using a filigre style ring that is adjustable as the metal is quite soft and pliable, which means if you have thin fingers or fat fingers (like me) you can easily change it.

As well as antique bronze necklace with antique bronze leaf and black nickel chain with Turquoise stone pendant. I also love the antique gold necklace, I adore jewellery that incorporate leaves and tear shapes as I think they have a great shape balance. I don’t think I have taken the leaf necklace off since I got it and seems to becoming apart of my look.

If you’d like to see more of Bead Funk Designs please feel free to drop me a note or contact the lovely lady designer herself here.  
xox Love,
Festival Girl