Poppyseed Handmade Boutique Markets | Review

Festival Girl Rates: 6.5/10
I visited the Poppyseed Markets in Penrith on the weekend and overall, I was quite impressed with the quality and professional look of the handmade products and excited about how affordable they were. For $10, I managed to pick up 2 handmade cards and one vintage style ring. Cheap as Chips!

As it turns out, this year is actually the Poppyseed Markets first anniversary and is actually the first time I’ve visited. It’s great to see a handmade market like this one catering to people’s location by organising a number of events across NSW including the western suburbs (which are often ignored) and all the way down to Wollongong – fantastic! 

Festival Girl Highlights:

I originally met the artist from I Made It at the Holroyd Food and Wine Festival and of course she bought some of her oh-so-cute hand made cards.  

One of my girlfriend’s is having a baby in a few months and since I don’t know if she is having a boy or girl, I bought cards for both a boy and a girl. Want some for yourself? You can contact her here.

Uber cute badges!

Heavenly Inspired Designs have some beautiful pieces; including bracelets and necklaces. 

I love the touch of turquoise, silver and black. Very versatile.

Lots of handmade goodies for kids from Archie and Moo including…

…cute prints for nappy covers and braces and baby blankies. Just Adorable!

Designer Laura Maidment’s line features feminine, lacy frocks. You can find her on Facebook here

Butterfly Garden has got to be the little girl’s wardrobe fantasy…

…handmade hair clips, vintage styled rings, hair ribbons and ties, beanies, butterflies, clips (cue little girl’s screaming and grabbing all of them and playing dress ups)

I got my ring from Lilly’s Lockets – I love the dainty doily look used in the presentation, so sweet

I couldn’t resist the urge to spend (again) and bought another flower ring. What’s that I hear you ask, do I need another turquoise ring? Well, first of all, its not turquoise exactly, its more like a mint colour and…yes, of course I do 🙂

It’s okay if you decide to take a drink every time I say the word cute, but… How CUTE are these softies? I’m in love with the Turquoise Owl from Lilly’s Lockets. I should have bought him when I saw him 🙁 Ah the remorse…

Accesorise with pretty Fabric rosies

Darling aren’t they? My favourite is either the mousey or the penguin

Crochet boleros, delightful. One for each day of the week.

Mmm… D’lish Cupcakes actually use REAL fruit to make the cream. I really wanted to buy one of these and decided I would buy one at the end of the fair…of course I remembered this when I was half way home. Do’h

I have found Micky and Mini’s secret wardrobe with Quirky Kids

How adorable are these animals from Zooba Australia? I have never seen them before, they are inflatable and can hold up to 65kg. They are made from the same material as Gym balls, so they are strong and durable with a choice of lots of four legged friends. I wish I had one of these when I was growing up.

Some colourful, handmade designs from formally known as Melon jewellery, now known as MM Designs.

Some lovely stringed beaded necklaces for that colourful, eye catching look

I loved the handmade clay pendants from MM Designs. After speaking with the designer, she is so passionate about her work and it really is passionate about creating unique pieces.

Ruby Ruffles creates hand made jewellery and ruffle clothes perfect for little princesses or tiny dancers. If you have a little boy, Billy Mac may be a great place to start.

Smallgift gives us beautiful pieces of handcrafted jewellery that actually capture your little ones fingerprint in polished silver that you can always close to your heart. Unique gift or what?


I think this particular venue lost points for the size, I was expecting a few more stall holders, so that was a little disappointing, however, the quality was very high. I would love to see more traffic enjoy what’s on offer, but as the event is only in its second year, with more support, will continue to grow. 

If you have attended (or are planning to attend) any other the other upcoming Poppyseed events, please send through your pics and I’ll put them up. 

Otherwise, you can find more info about dates and locations here and here

xox Love,

Festival Girl

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