How To Make A Plastic Bag Holder | Free Tutorial

As we all know, plastic bags are pretty handy to have around the house and there are a million good purposes that plastic bags serve. However, there comes a time when it seems like they start to take over and you have so many plastic bags that it’s hard to manage them. You don’t want to throw them out so you can use them later, so you end up putting plastic bags, in plastic bags in another bulky bag and so on. So, I decided, enough was enough and I decided make myself a plastic bag holder from tea towel that are already floating around the house.

Step 1: I had an idea oh how I would go about to create this, but I decided it would be safer to just follow this step by step PDF created by Seth Custer, Paul Gralewski and Erica Voss. Or if you like, you can have a look at another step by step at Make it – Love it

Step 2: Gather all your pieces that you need together:
1 kitchen towel
1 yard of ¼-inch ribbon 
2 feet of elastic 
Sewing needles 
Thread that matches the background of your towel 
Sewing machine
Ironing board

Step 3:  Lie the tea towel flat and cut some elastic a bit over half width of the towel (make sure that when stretched, the elastic can reach comfortably across the towel.)

Step 4: Using a pencil, Draw some edges on the wrong side of the towel along the width, this will create a pretty frill where you will be sewing the elastic to. If you don’t want to leave the frill, alternatively, you can stitch the elastic on the edge and fold over the hem, creating a scrunched effect.

Step 5: Using a pencil, draw a point in the middle of the elastic. Pin the elastic to the line you have just drawn placing the centre of the elastic, in the centre of the towel. Pin the loose edges of the elastic on the edge of the tea towel, leaving 2-3 cm off the towel and pin these down. Repeat on both widths of the towel.

Step 6: Do a  baste stitch where you have placed the pins – this will keep it in place when you machine sew it.

Step 7: Using your sewing machine or hand stitch, sew the elastic to where you you have pinned it. Be sure to keep the elastic tight as you sew it, so it scrunches up. 

Step 8: Put the towel inside out (wrong side facing out) and sew the length of the tea towel together. This is very easy with the sewing machine.

Step 9: On the inside of the top end, sew a piece of ribbon in the shape of a loop, to hang the bag

Step 10: Add any decorations you like – I’ve tied a bow and sewed it on  

If you do decide to make one, I’d love to see some pictures and I’ll put them up for you

*(I don’t bite, I swear…. Leave me a comment, I dare you! )*