The 80’s are Back! Exhibition at Powerhouse Museum

Did you hear? THE 80’S ARE BACK!

If you ever wished you could turn back the hands of time, here is your chance with the ’80’s are back’ exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. The 80’s were the pinnacle decade for music, fashion, parties, politics and of course, bad perms.


80s Red Robin active leisure wear, photo: Bruno Benini
The 80’s has arguably crowned one of the most interesting decades so far and is still often used as the new generation source of inspiration. The decade of My little Ponies, Transformers, Sampling, Compact Disc (CD), Eddie Murphy, Michael Jackson, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future are some of the things that made the 80’s great. 

The exhibition is categorized into the following themes:
When: On until 27 March 2011
Price: Free with Museum entry
$25 family / $10 adult / $5 child / $6 concession / Powerhouse members free
500 Harris St
Ultimo, 2007

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