Handmade Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

With Mothers Day is on its way, I thought I’d dedicate a few special words for all the mummas around the globe.

Sick of giving mum the same bath salts every year that she doesn’t use? Be creative. Make, find or cook something for mum that she will never forget.

Here are some handmade ideas for Mothers Day gifts:

Learn a recipe from Mum and Nan

Enjoy your time with mum and nan and write down their family recipes. Bundle these into a handmade book with blank pages to add your own from your family.

Make dinner for mum (and don’t leave the cleaning up to mum)

Cook a 3 course dinner for mum with dad or siblings. Research some recipes from the internet, hit the shops and away you go. Send mum out to a day spa and have the meal ready when she comes home.

Write or parody a song and post it on youtube and then put the .mp3 as her ringtone

Get into some karaoke action with songs like I love Mummy, instead of Cody Simpson’s version of I want Candy, Mama from the Spice Girls and a song for mama from Boyz II Men. These will bring any mum to tears of either laughter or sadness.

Create some custom jewelery for mum

Everyone has Pandora – so make your mum something unique. Since its custom made, you can design it for a special outfit and colour coordinate it
Have a Happy Mothers Day!
xox Love, 
Festival Girl