Making Spaces Marketplace Parramatta

Making Spaces Marketplace in Parramatta  is a creative collective of handmade designers retailing in Parramatta CBD and is supported by Arts NSW & Pop-Up Parramatta. Like many pop ups, the idea is focused on injecting creative enterprise and creative infrastructure into unused buildings and spaces in the CBD.
Making Spaces Marketplace is a boutique style space providing an ever changing array of handmade goods for sale. Lovers of handmade now have a dedicated destination for delighting over locally made products. Designers are offered a unique opportunity within this creative enterprise to display and sell their own wares in the heart of the Parramatta CBD.
I am excited about the Making Spaces Marketplace Christmas Shopping Day coming up on Thursday 1 December.See the flyer below.


222 Church Street, Greenway Plaza Parramatta

Wed – Fri 10 am – 4pm

Sat 9.30 am – 3.30pm

Visit the blog for all the details:

Blacktown Moonlight Markets | Thursday Evening

This Thursday will launch the first Moonlight Markets in Blacktown. The markets are a pilot to test interest and demand of the arts market. They want the markets to be a cultural and arts hub for the area to give artists and craftspeople a place to sell their wares. This means handmade craft suppliers are able to sell from their local area to their fellow locals. Hooray!

As well as food and artisan stalls, the markets will host entertainers, including Blacktown’s Looze Control 2011 dance finalists, Prolifique.

There will also be traditional dancing and singing from some of Blacktown’s diverse cultural groups and even Leather Art by Janelle will be there. See her pretty owl leather art featured above.


Blacktown Moonlight Markets
Thursday 1 December
4pm to 8pm Blacktown Village Green (opposite Max Weber Library)
Crn Flushcombe Rd and Civic Lane

Hope to see you there,

xox Festival Girl

Loy Kranthong Thai Water Festival 2011 Review

Festival Girl Rates: 9/10

I had a beautiful day and evening at Loy Krathong Thai Water Festival on Parramatta river. This year I decided to come a little earlier at five pm and managed to see so much more of the traditional performers. The organisers mentioned all the performers came out especially for this event and were flying back to Thailand in the next few days. Now that’s dedication.

I really love it when council’s fund these kind of cultural festivals as it is a wonderful opportunity for people to explore a new culture and taste something different.

I had a friend join me who actually lived in Thailand for two years (what he calls his quarter life crisis, where he booked for a two week holiday in Asia and didn’t come back for three years.) He said that the festival was quite good and many aspects quite authentic. Ok so we bought a lot of food together: Thai Halo Halo ($4), Roti with condensed milk ($4), Chicken skewers (bought very late in the evening at $1 a pop), some AWESOME fried chicken wings that are more addictive than KFC and some super HOT HOT HOT paw paw salad with authentic raw craw legs – it was SO hot, I had to buy a Taro milk tea to help my tongue from jumping out of my mouth and leaving me.)

Anyway, enjoy the pics below of the day 🙂


Colourful flags decorate the Parramatta river

I love the new touch of these traditional white lanterns

Welcome to the Thai Village

These puppets were just delightful; the talented puppeteers would gently float around to the people sitting and watching the show and the puppet would give them a gentle hug.

Here is my Loy Krathong float – notice the delicious rare sweets of Thong Yop and Thong Yip sitting on top. They are made using egg yolks cooked in boiling syrup.

Here is the talented Thai mama who cooked all these delicious samples for us. These desserts are more than just sweets, they are regularly used in buddhist rituals and ceremonies.

So cute!

I love these decorative floral and paper lanterns. The amount of precision, skill and effort to make these is just amazing.

This drum dance was so much fun – it is well known and popular in Thailand.

So pretty!! Although it doesn’t look it, it was a really hot and humid day and these beautiful dancers maintained their beauty and composure all the way through.

The presenter of the evening was lovely

I love these boys – I called them the ‘Coconut boys’

They dance in a very playful way using coconuts as the drums to keep the rhythm.

Although its hard to see, the damage that some of these poor coconut shells took meant that shells were being flung around the stage area.

I loved the floral dance –  these women were so graceful

Beautiful lanterns on display

Floating the Krathong down the river with each person making a special wish they hope will come true.

Hope to see you there next year.

xox Love,

Festival Girl