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This year, I decided to make my very own Christmas Advent Calender. I got inspired after seeing so many pop up in stores but realised that the pockets they offered were all so very small. An Advent calendar is a special calendar which is used to count or celebrate the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. Some calendars are strictly religious, whereas others are secular in content. Despite the name, most commercially available Advent calendars begin on December 1.

Now you can change the steps as you wish and decorate with the materials you have. Traditionally, you will see some with 24 days, but I decided to do the 25 days because that means I get 1 more day of chocolates.


– Tracing paper, lead pencil, rubber, ruler

– 1 sheet of thin MDF wood ($3.50) from Bunnings

– Hot glue gun and glue sticks, newspaper

– 25 fabric samples, Gold/Silver cardboard, any Christmas decorations, as many felt colours as you like.

 Step 1: Get some tracing paper and measure out the size you want your tree to be. In my case since I wanted the pockets a little bigger, I needed to make my tree double sided to accommodate the pocket sizes.

Step 2: Measure once, cut twice. The scale is really up to you. What I did was decide how big I wanted the pockets and see how many I could fit on one side.

Step 3:  Then do a sketch on to the piece of MDF and cut out using a saw or jigsaw. I actually cut out 2 identical tree designs, one for each side.

Step 4: Get your best and biggest piece of green felt you have, or if you can visit your craft store like spotlight and get a piece big enough for both sides. Cut a rough shape around each triangle and use your glue gun to stick down the edges.

Step 5: Make sure the felt is nice and flat and tight across the front.

Step 6: Grab your first sampe of fabric. In this case, I did a quick mock up on paper of the ‘Base’ which is the felt and the ‘Top’ which is the fabric.

I added a smalll ractange to glue on to, to get the fold firm enough.

And then I folded it over again.

This makes like a little blanket over the felt.

Step 7: Now glue the edges over the felt piece. Now repeat this 24 times. Step 8: Get some gold cardboard and do a quick sketch on the back to reppresent your letters. I decided to use roman numerals as I thought it would be alittle different. If you have number stickers, go for it.

Step 9: If you do use roman numerals, please do a quick google search and check beofre you glue them down and position them roughly to make them fit. I added some golden glitter felt stickers that I got from a Spotlight clearance. But anything decorative will do.

Step 10: I love this part of the process – when you get to jazz it up. I had some spare fabric ribbons left over from previous Christmas pressies, so I decided to reuse some red and white ribbons. Use a ruler to keep the lines straight and line up your pockets using the ribbon.

I also added some decorative gold metal tinsel to the top of each pocket for a bit more sparkle. I also added a cute string of mini white pom poms.

I hope you enjoyed this post – if you feel inspired to make your tree for Christmas, its not to late. I would love to see your pics if you do.

xox Festival GIrl

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