Finders Keepers Sydney Markets | Summer Review

Festival Girl Rates: 9.5/10

I was really excited to visit the bi-annual Finders Keepers markets in Sydney this year. Since I haven’t been before, I was looking forward to some of designers mentioned on the website. If you haven’t heard of the Finders Keepers before, basically it is a design and art market dedicated in supporting emerging designers, artists & musicians and bringing new contemporary design to the forefront in Australia.

Since we got there in the early afternoon, we also got to take a squiz at the Everleigh Foodie Markets as well.There were a number of reasons why I decided to give this review such a high score.

a) I really love the look of the building – I love the contrast look of the old, warehouse look amongst the designers.

b) The foodie markets made this event really pop. With lots of options for fresh, local, organic produce, what more could you ask for?

c) The talent and broad range of designers and products for sale. I especially love illustrations as they can carry on as wonderful momentos through the years.

d) Live entertainment and booze. Hello perfect day!

e) Free event and close to public transport.

f) The event has a real festival type feel with live music, great food, booze, coffee and of course, emphasises Australian made and designed – yay

What a funky store? Made 590 based in Newtown is a collection of eclectic home wares and clothing that feature a number of kitsch furry friends. The fake animal head plaques are so wrong it’s right.

Donnie Darko anyone?

I bought this illustration from Nikki Catalano – I love the feature of the textile dress and cute cuddly bear. I’d like to hang it in my kiddies room one day.

I want everything!

Fanny Lumsdem was adorable amongst her multi-coloured city scape of geometric shapes.

The Sydney Etsy Team is your guide to buying AU local on Etsy.

Inside the Fashion Room. I found the best handbag from Octoberdee – I heart these so.

Image courtesy of Octoberdee

I love these lacey collars from Ginny and Jude

So cute it hurts

Father and child in front of Not Tuesday – cute!

Angus and Celeste I have seen these guys a few years ago at Magnolia Square. I loved them then and I still love them now. Everything they do like like porcelain poetry.

I met a sweet girl @ Beau Wylie Illustration. Her boyfriend Cameron Foster illustrates all these adorable drawings and uses soft watercolours to decorate them.

Mmmm Macaroons

Cute lamps from Mr and Mrs White

Tra la la la la…this is the sound I make when I frolic through the Finders Keepers market.

A Skulk of Foxes…What a freakin’ cool name! I have seen these guys a few years ago at another Sydney market. Their stuff is amazing, I love these 3d bunny and deer head necklaces. They also have wooden covers for Iphones – how cool is that?

These are definitely the best scratchies I have ever seen

Retro Print Revival – Yes please! I adore the Frida lamp, please Santa bring me one for Christmas. 🙂

xox Hope to see you there next time,

Love Festival Girl

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    • Hi Suzanne,

      Thanks for asking! Unfortunately I live in Sydney, so it can be tricky to come to Melbourne, although I would ABSOLUTELY love to!

      Do you ever exhibit at the Sydney shows?



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