Sydney Christmas Lights 2011 – Festival Girl’s Review

Christmas is only 1 night away – how excitement! Last night I went wandering to see some of the wonderful Christmas lights that Sydney has to offer. I must admit that I did have to spilt my time with some last minute Christmas shopping 😀

I know this might be a little glass is half empty, but I love Christmas so much, that its sad to see it comes, as it just goes by so quickly. However, this definitely feels like my most organised Christmas ever. I have my pre-made Christmas cutlery booties that I made last year, created a Christmas Advent Tree for chocolate goodies, scrapped my last year’s Gingerbread House and instead made a Chocolate House, wrapped my pressies and got my favourite Chrissy wine.

The streets were packed with cars, bikes and families everywhere. Did I mention all the ice cream trucks? And yes, if you were wondering, I did get an ice cream – I couldn’t help myself. It was a lovely night for walking around and taking in all the lights. Since today is so warm, I urge you to get all the family together and take a walk to your nearby neighbourhood and take in the last day of Christmas cheer.

haha I love this guy – moving deer head

ooh so pretty

Looking into a special house window display – isn’t this just gorgeous?

Oh Dear…

So that’s where Santa lives. All lies about the North Pole!

Look at his cute Aussie present

How cute is this camp fire?

A gift for me? You shouldn’t have…

haha Soccer santa

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

xox Love,

Festival Girl

3 thoughts on “Sydney Christmas Lights 2011 – Festival Girl’s Review

  1. Hi there, loving the Christmas lights and all the pictures you’ve posted. Is this Cumberland St in Greystanes? I’m taking the whole extended family to go see Christmas streets & grab some ice cream but I’m wondering If there would be a lot of buzz & excitement on Christmas night tonight the 25th Dec 2011 would you know by any chance?

    ps thanks for creating this site.

    • Hi Johnny,
      Yes this is Cumberland St in Greystanes. I went on Christmas Eve and the night before. It was definitely BUZZING on Christmas Eve, with families and everyman including his dog taking a look. They even had some fireworks last night. If you want to check it out tonight, I would suggest that if you are in the area, go down and take a quick quiz, but I would assume lights would be still going strong.

      Also, there is another really nice house on Camellia street in Greystanes that I might suggest you go look at.

      xox Festival Girl

  2. That sounds reassuring we’ll definitely head down there tonight.
    Thanks Festival Girl Happy Christmas to you & family & friends.
    kind regards Johnny

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