Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ah Valentines Day is rolling around once again. Last year I spent it stuffing my face with chocolate covered strawberries I made, so as you can imagine, I always look forward to Valentines Day. I know Valentine’s Day for most people sits between ‘its-so-commercial’ and ‘oh-thats-so-romantic’. Unfortunelty, I sit in the latter. I just can’t help me, I’m a hopeless romantic I guess (surely I’m not the only one?)

I know some people are skeptical of Valentines Day and say its so commercial blah blah blah. Most of me probably agrees with them, but who doesn’t love to get surprise roses at work, or a valentines dinner or a over the top proposal.

Since Valentines Day is coming up in a few days, I decided this year, to share some of my favourite Pinterest pics with you… Oh by the way, I am totally obsessed by Pinterest. If you haven’t seen it yet – are you cray cray? Atleast start by following me and you’ll see how much fun it is.)

For all you single gals, this one is for you!


xox Festival Girl