Rainbow Corn – Finally!

I stumbled across this awesome mindblowing supercalafragalisticespialadocious Glass Gem corn from here http://milkwood.net/2012/05/12/glass-gem-corn-and-other-heirloom-jewels-of-the-corn-cabinet/ and couldn’t believe my eyes. They always say it’s so hard to feed vegies to kids, but I have a feeling this is no longer going to be a problem with this amaising corn. Tehe…Enjoy!

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Pyrmont Festival of Wine, Food and Art: 18 – 27 May 2012 Review

So I decided to check out the Pyrmont Festival today during my lunch break. After a bit of confusion and a lot getting lost (trust me I cant read map to save my life) I eventually made it there. OK so in general I’m a little confused about this so called festival as it looks like most of the action happening on the weekend.

So here is a little bit about how my day went…
View of the John Street Square tram lines

Hyper coloured people – yay

The Vines

Anyway, I made my way along to the “Art from the Land of Wine and Honey” at Culture at Work gallery and although it as tiny, it was nice to see an artist doing doing his thing. There was another studio thing next to it but it kinda looked like maybe I wasn’t supposed to be there? I’m still not sure.

Anyway with my break nearly over, the lure of dumplings at Din Tai Fung at Starcity was too much. I ordered the steamed pork dumplings ($5. 80) for 4. These tiny dumplings are surely sent from the gods because damn they are good. What could make yummy dumplings yummier? How about shoving delicious winter warming soup (i can only presume its magic) let me tell you, only the acronym O.M.G can describe. Just delish.

OK so the other thing you do at star city (apart from gamble) is take a journey into the land of Zumbo, Adriano Zumbo’s Patisserie. So they actually had the V8 cake and a scrumptious looking chocolate eclair and a dark choc macaroon. So $22 later and a careful trip back to work, I’m set. BTW, it was delicious!

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One Fine Day – Wedding Fair

One Fine Day Bridal Fair actually looks different from any other one I have seen in Sydney so far – I mean, it’s supported by Frankie and Samantha Wills. So looks like it’s kinda desginery and modern and not lame at all (i.e no Greek columns framing a fluorescent blue lit glowing fish tank with matching chunky gold cherubs.)

One Fine Day is a refreshing alternative to the ‘traditional’ bridal fair showcasing a handpicked selection of sought after vendors in the wedding field. Wowee, quite a mouthful, but makes you get it.

One Fine Day is a creative new approach to wedding planning that brings together the Sydney’s most talented and innovative wedding professionals under one roof. Launched to inspire couples to beautifully express creative flair on their wedding day, One Fine Day will help you think outside the box and meet professionals who can help turn your day into a truly special event. For big or small weddings there will be lots of new ideas to help couples make their wedding an occasion to cherish.

Alongside showcasing inspiration for creative couples planning their day, the bridal fair will be a fantastic, enjoyable day out in lovely surroundings for their bridal party, friends and family.


The One Fine Day Sydney boutique bridal fair is on Sunday 27th May 2012, at Sun Studios, 42 Maddox Street Sydney from 10am to 5pm.
When: the 27th May 2012 Doors open at 10am Close at 5pm
Where: Sun Studios, 42 Maddox Street Sydney NSW 2015 (approx 10min drive from the city)
There is loads of free (yes! free parking in Sydney!) parking surrounding Sun Studios.
Transport: Sun Studio’s is located close to 3 train stations. Erskineville (about 15-20min walk), Green square (about 15min walk), St Peters Station (about 15mins).

Buy $15 tickets online here or buy them at $25 at the door

Who are the vendors? Check them out here

Read the blog here


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