Supanova Sydney, 2012

I had an awesome time at Supanova over the weekend. As for the 10th anniversary, it really seemed like that they pulled out all the stops. Let me just name drop some of the stars that were there – Christoper Lloyd (yes, Doc from Back to the Future), Verne Troyer, Eric Roberts, Alfie Allen, Natalia Tena

I was dying to take some photos for you, but it’s not really fair to all the other guys that line up and pay (OK, I couldn’t get away with it) BUT I did manage to get some snaps of hunky Game of Thrones star Alfie Allen. Do you guys watch Game of Thrones? Seriously, so hot right now right? OK I got the chance to sit down and listen to Alfie Allen’s seminar and I did manage a snap or two of him.

So what did I learn from the seminar – Alfie is English (no duh) – Alfie was slightly hungover hence the slighty demure personality – he mentioned this, so all in good fun

Also – Alfie is Lily Allen’s brother. You should have seen the look on my face. HOW DID I NOT REALISE THIS? I mean, I love Lily Allen. I know she wrote a song about her brother Alfie, he of course is English (like her) and they even look a like – what is wrong with me!? Oh well.

The best part about these seminars is that it really gives the fans a chance to ask their favourite star a question that they’ve wanted answered and also a chance to talk with a celeb.

I spotted heaps of diehard fans (well, maybe) but I mean hardcore fans of pop culture shows, movies, icons, comics, animations – you name it. Here are some of my favourites Cosplay outfits! This is always my favourite part of the event, here are some of the best from last year too.

These girls actually told me that a friend of theirs created these amazing masks. It’s hard to tell by the pictures, but the mouth actually moves when they talk. Amazing!

So what is there to do at Supanova? You can shop for uber cool toys, collectibles, cards, movies, books, comics, accessories, t-shirts. It just goes on and on. What I love most about this expo is the genuine passion people have attending this event. It’s about embracing their love for something that might be considered somewhat nerdy or geeky according to the ‘cool’ kids at school. But the times they are a-changing. It’s cool to be a gleek or a cerd. And let’s face it, it’s so much fun!

There was a spot of Wrestling – as some Wrestlers got their chance to entertain the fans. I think you can clearly tell whose side I was on… Even the girls got in on the fighting action which produced the expected sounds of excited, rambunctious boys and young men.

Did I mention the Delorian was there too? Somehow I don’t think it was Christoper Lloyd ride. By the way, of all the celebs I spotted, hands down Christoper Lloyd was the celeb to see with people lining up for hours just to get a meet and greet.

Old favourites were there too, including R2D2, the Doctor Who Robots Hall of fame and also some new editions, a Guitar Hero Game station, some play and win game stations and heaps of comic book writers and author signings.

All in all, a super fun day out. And for those of you out there, who think it’s all still a bit strange. I think there is a little kid in all of us and to take a day to bask in the glow of the nostalgia of childhood isn’t all that bad. Why not come along next time and see for yourself.

Love, Festival Girl

Lego Festival and Sydney Brick Show 2012 | Yay Lego

Hooray the Lego Festival is in town. I will hopefully checking it out on the weekend, but here are some of the details if you want to get your Lego fix this!

Sydney Brick Show
Saturday 2 June and Sunday 3 June

Experience amazing creations built by Adult Fans of LEGO® from across Australia. See special models inspired by objects in the Museum’s collection. Brick fans will love our hands on workshops and family friendly freeform play area.

With lots of building and talks, this sounds like a super day out for all the little (and big) kids.

Images from here

Entry to the Sydney Brick Show is part of General Admission to the Powerhouse Museum.

You can Click here to see the Powerhouse Museum Entry costs and also if you are driving, discounted parking is available at the Sydney Entertainment Centre Car Park. Click here for details.

The Brickshow Exhibition:

Time to get on the streets and see the 10 unique pieces of LEGO brick art will be installed along Macquarie St, Sydney, to brighten up the winter streets day and night, and show the endless possibilities of the little plastic LEGO brick. The exhibition is on until 5 June.

Where To See The Lego Brickworks Exhibition

Macquarie Street, Sydney – May 29 to June 5
Powerhouse Museum, Sydney – June 15 to July 30
Newcastle Museum, Newcastle – August 4 to September 7
Ipswich Art Gallery, Ipswich – September 12 to October 10

Look Out For Designs From

Romance Was Born – Fashion Designers
Benja Harney – Paper Engineer
Simplesime – Tattoo Artist/Illustrator
Fiona Dalwood – Animator
Dinosaur Designs – Designers
Kitiya Palaskas – Craft-Based Designer
Saffron Craig – Surface Designer
Adriano Zumbo – Patissier
Max Treffkorn – 6-year-old Child Artist
Louise Whelan – Photographer

Images from here

One Fine Day | Sydney Bridal Fair Review

So last weeekend I decided to drag two girlfriends of mine to the One Fine Day Bridal Fair in Sun Studios and boy was it a breath of fresh air.

It was so busy – it felt like a Bridal mosh pit of frenzied brides taking a walk through the wedding garden of Eden. Seriously, chuck some metallic on and I think the girls were going to start the moshing action. It was so jam packed full of excited girls and some very bored looking boys, taking ideas, cards and as many freebies as possible – or was that just me?

I apologize about the haste of some of these images as they were taken on my phone, so apologies if I cant put a name to every picture and especially the blurriness of some.


Festival Girl