Carlingford Gem Show Review

I went along to the Carlingford Gem Show Show at Roselea Community Centre Carlingford last weekend and I wanted to show you some of my finds.

I also bought some loose stones and this awesome chunk (I’m sure that is not the correct terminology) of Pyrite – which really makes me think if a Transformer, gold and a Rock could somehow have a baby, it would look like this!

I love these kinds of events because if you don’t really know anything about lapidary, you will when you leave. A couple of men were sitting around this drill like machine working on polishing some stones. I also noticed a number of stones were sitting in containers of water. The men explained that essentially when the stones are being shaped and cut, some have to be placed in water to avoid cracking and splitting when the drill does its thing.

With so many precious stones, rough cuts, finished jewellery, fossils, minerals for collectors, opals, jewellery settings, tools and beautiful handmade pieces, it was certainly an interesting experience and I maybe looking around for the next lapidary show soon…

For more info about events like this check this out and this

Love, Festival Girl

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