Lanes of Parramatta Festival Review

So I decided to head to the Parramatta Lanes festival for a quick bite after work.Just so you know, the Parramatta Lanes festival had me at hearing that french crepes will be there…(insert Homer’s drool sound)

Near Darcy Street, patrons enjoyed dinner and a show as a 48 hour Film Festival light up the funky lit alley walls.

Sizzling, marinated chicken and pork, home made marmalade and roasted vegetables from The Gourmet Rotisserie.

Patrons enjoying the walm balmy night sitting on an eclectic collection of chairs.

Wood fired pizza from Antonio Sabia of Puntino Trattoria -Yum!

Oohh la la – savoury and sweet French crepes from the La Toosh Tram.

What’s so great about La Toosh is that it captures the essence of the Parisian lifestyle and culture by combining food, art, performance and music. So they can actually transform any space into a street cafe of Paris or just the feeling of being surrounded by that French elegance, subtlety and then enthral you with a visit to the French night life, the art of Burlesque & French music – how awesome!

Meanwhile, in another dark alley, 3 Ropes café serve their famous coffee and cakes and popcorn to snack on.

A happy customer and my good friend, decides to get herself an amazing Crepes flambe with Brandy. Let me tell you – AH-MAH-ZING!

Crepes flambe with Brandy – Yum!

I saw this band do an impromptu performance with a good friend of mine from the Motel Sisters. If you haven’t heard of the Motel Sisters, you must be cray cray. The Motel Sisters are artists who have developed their characters Paris and Tacky Motel based on, the queen of everything superficial, Paris Hilton who are currently exploring their practice in ‘Parra Dice.’

They are focused on a variety of online and interactive exhibitions and also translate their practice to online social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Their focus has been on pushing the boundaries of these online platforms as artistic mediums and use them to help their characters live and breathe.

The Motel Sisters teach and preach glamour and the spiritual teachings of LOL-Cats! Also, did I mention they are Westie and proud! You can check out more pics of their work here and even some Podcasts here.

At Erby Place, an Asian inspired garden under the Jacaranda trees features a Pop-Up Cocktail Bar by well known Sydney establishment Grasshopper Bar. Don’t miss the Long Lasting Cocktail – just delish.

Also, I am possibly one of the world’s worst foodie bloggers (i.e. I gobble down the delicious food and then once I am sitting with my hand over my belly, remember I should have taken a picture) I am even worse at Instagram for the same reason. So if you notice I don’t take all that many snaps of the yummy food out and about, it’s not that I don’t like to do it, it’s just that I can’t for the life of me remind myself to do it. Maybe one day…

If you were wondering what the the food offerings were, here they are:

  • Lan Lan’s hand made Shangahi dumplings including Prawn Shao Mai and Guo Tie.
  • Tepanyaki BBQ from local Japanese restaurant Temichi
  • Malaysian Food from Jackie M’s – Char Kway Teow, Roti Canai and Nasi Lemak (25th and 26th only)

So after all that food talk, I did manage to get some amahzing Bali Chicken from XXX, some yummy homemade dumplings from Lan Lan’s hand made Shangahi dumplings, a delicious cocktail made of plum wine, vanilla and cranberry, Gelato in a cannoli and some french crepes flame with cream and brandy. Of course you ask, did you eat that all? No, I shared with some friends, although it wouldn’t have been very hard to gobble it all myself.

Remember it’s on again starting tomorrow and Friday, so don’t miss it!

Thursday and Friday
25 and 26 October
For more information, click here

Until next time,

Love, Festival Girl