Craft Punk: Small Offerings Exhibition

I just love the name ‘Craft Punk!’ So what’s it all about? Well Craft Punk is about getting a hands on craft experience and learning from the best industry experts. This Craft Punk event seems to be centred Christmas, Terraniums and Upcycled Jewellery and are focused on producing things that represent ‘Small is beautiful.’ Craft Punk is all about giving you the tools to take making into your own hands!

Succulent Terrariums: Quirky green worlds in a jar
1 and 2 December, 10.30am – 12.30, 1.30 – 3.30pm
Beginners welcome (age 14 years and over)
$45 adult, $40 Powerhouse member (includes Museum admission)
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Ever wanted one of those nifty terraniums that you’ve seen all over Pinterest? Well fret no more, terranium-maker expert Amy Wong will teach you how to create a succulent terrarium with attitude. You will learn plant selection, soil composition, terrarium care and hints for propagating succulents and plants. If you want to drool a little more over these super cute minature worlds, Amy has her own online business Petite Green – arg so cute!

Fakery Finery: Jewellery Workshop
1 and 2 December, 10.30am – 12.30, 1.30 – 3.30pm
Beginners welcome (age 14 years and over)
$45 adult, $40 Powerhouse member (includes Museum admission)
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What would happen if you mashed artifial foilage and funky jewellery designs, you would get something like what contemporary Jeweller Melinda Young produces. With a love for frippery, fakery and the ‘un-natural’ Melinda will show you how to use the creative potential of discarded plastics and found objects as they are deconstructed into fabulous wearables. With lots of techniques to learn, you can bring your own colourful additions to add to provided materials.

Drop In Workshops:
Radical WRAP 
1 and 2 December, 10.00am – 4.00pm

Time to get creative and get into making some ‘designer’ wrapping paper for your Christmas pressies. It’s the best way to say Merry Christmas with your own personal signature and style through DIY Craft Punk Radical Wrap. All materials supplied including brown paper, pom poms, stencils, felt pens, coloured dots and assorted decorations.

Here is a video from the Powerhouse team about what happens on Craft Punk days:


If you’re out and about, I’d recommend a visit – it’s to dye for.

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Christmas Craft Fair and Antique Valuation Review 2012

So I went along to the Christmas Craft Fair and Art Valuation over the weekend. Boy was it a beautiful day in Sydney. This is a lovely local market that is run by a group of passionate individuals who are looking out for the community. They are definitely taking the right steps grow the Fair bigger each event. I’ve been to a number of events and I’ve never been approached with a quick survey via IPad – what a great idea!

Pretty Piece of Me is a new comer to the Kiddy Crafty scene. How cute are her her bunting flags!

Pop up heart cards from Pretty Piece of Me – cute!

Apart from more super cute girly hair clips by Pretty Piece of Me, in the middle Pheonix Trading were selling their greeting cards with most of them based on artist paintings or images that are reprinted. Awesome right?

Super cute gift tags from Pheonix Trading.

Welcome to 2012 Crafters! A couple of iPads are set up so you can give your feedback there and then. So clever!

I spoke with the organiser and she mentioned the Fair has been so popular that they actually had to knock back stall holders! Not bad for a local market. They try to rotate stall holders to keep it fair for the small business holders.

She also mentioned that all the profits are going to Parkinson’s foundation. Amazing right?

The lovely Original Shuk Koncepts is back again with her cute kiddy favourites including funky button covered hair ties.

Original Shuk Koncepts has also added some new additions since the Mother’s Day  Fair which include little boy hat patterns. Adorable…

The image in the centre is by Original Shuk Koncepts. She has been really clever and noticed her little boy was a very talented and decided to scan and make Christmas cards from his drawings – cute right?!

A trip down memory lane. A local toyshop is bring kids back to the old days when toys used to be made from wood and coloured brightly – no computer chips, internet or mobile devices anywhere in sight.

Do you remember these?! I used to play with these for HOURS!

I almost managed to get the Madagascar gang together but alas, there was no Hippo in sight. Just pretend this Elephant is a Hippo…

Hey, it’s Santa!

I spoke with Vola Sillick Cakes 0405713028 the creator of all these beautiful Christmas Cakes. She says she has won first prizes from the Easter Show and that after 50 years of making cake, she still loves it.

These cakes are just beautiful in person.

These delightful Chrissy ornaments and jewellery by Dona Howard Designs.

Jewellery by Mary 97573559. She uses both glass and precious stones in her beaded jewellery.

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