Pyrmont Village Market Day Review

So I went to the Pyrmont Village Markets during my lunch break today and boy is it a beautiful day out there in Sydney! So what is this event all about? It’s about getting out your colourful wallets and shopping local! And why not when there is so much quality on offer, with bits of fashion, food and community news, it’s great to see the local shops get out there and get to know their customers.

It’s the Eat Art Food truck! If you don’t have the Sydney Food Truck app yet – it’s a free great download and totally worth it..although it does seem to slightly encourage stalking… The app is a great way to see how close your next yummy feed is. Today’s menu featured some Southern inspired dishes including a Pulled Pork roll, beef brisket roll and fried wings. YUM!

I always find it funny when fitness promoters position themselves near foodie spots – it’s like, are you seriously trying to make me feel bad?

City Flair is a cute store that any female with bold taste. With colourful accessories and pretty dresses, it’s not hard to see why it’s a great local store.

CHOQLATE! Yum Yum Yum. I sampled some delicious bits of Chocolate from Choqlate. You know what’s the best thing about Chocolate? Even when it’s melted and squished in a bag, it looks just as tempting. So I bought a cute $3.50 pair of chocolates – so cute. Although I ran out of cash, I will be back for some handmade and imported chocolates from Peru. Delish!

This little rascal was so cute in his adorable get-up.

I couldn’t decide what I wanted from Art Food Truck, so I went for both the Spiced Chicken wings with mayo and the Pulled pork roll. OMG. Yum! The wings were crispy and lightly spiced and a generous amount for $8. At $12, the pulled pork roll was a little dearer, but with it’s sweetened bread, yummy bourban BBQ sauce and yummy slaw salad – it was just yum! I really wanted to try the Beef Brisket and kimchi – with fresh coriander and chilli – let’s hope I didn’t make the wrong choice.

So I plonked myself down on some concrete steps nearby and as I put my pulled pork to rest while I tuck into my wings, I can hear the familiar sounds of a slobbering and panting that only comes from a starving dog. As I turn around, I see the face of a beautiful Border Collie sniffing my face and desperately lunging toward my food. Luckily he was on a leash, otherwise I don’t think I would have been able to get to it before he did.

Those owners leave and then moments later, another owner and his friendly bulldog wearing an oversized t-shirt (too cute) is desperately snarling trying to inch his way closer and closer to my food. I hear the owner say ‘by the way he is acting, you’d think he never gets fed.’ Tehehe I thought to myself, I love them fattie dogs…

The lovely Trudy from 9 Lives Re-Creation debuted some of her original headpieces and accessories. Although she’s new to the game, it’s great to see her off to a great start. I really love the philosophy that immediately comes across when you see her jewellery – it’s all about up-cycling, re-using, and re-fabulous-ing something that may have ordinarily been thrown away and giving it another chance of life. You can read more about it all here.

Also the delightful Frou Frou and St Frock were also in town! I just love these colour dresses!

Don’t forget, it’s on until 8pm tonight @ Pyrmont, Harris, Miller, Union Streets Pyrmont 2009. Don’t miss it!

Until next time,

Love, Festival Girl

Pyrmont Village Market Day | 2 Novemember

So as it turns out, today is Pyrmont Village Market Day today!

A City of Sydney initiative, Pyrmont Market Day 2012 will focus on supporting local Pyrmont businesses – hooray! The community festival will have lots of fun bits and peices including live music, roaming performers, stalls and street displays by participating local businesses, including pop-up style booths.


11am – 8pm
Friday, 2 November, 2012
Pyrmont, Harris, Miller, Union Streets Pyrmont 2009

For more info, check out:

Hope to see you there,

Festival Girl