Dreamers Markets | 15 December 2012

So the Dreamers Markets are back on this Saturday – just in time for Christmas!

I won’t be able to come along to this one (I know, bad Festival Girl, bad!) but my beautiful friend is having an engagement party that I can’t miss – that’s just what good bridesmaids do…..But, I really wanted to tell you all about it anyway.

So what’s it all about?

The Dreamers Markets are a 100% Australian Handmade Market with all products being designed, created and made by the independent artists, crafters and designers themselves (aka the Dreamers).

So on this Saturday, The Riverside Theatres Courtyard in Parramatta will be transformed into a handmade wonderland filled with a range of handmade items with the guarantee that they are Australian handmade.

If you are too excited to even wait for Saturday, why not take a look at the Dreamers Markets Gift Guide that will cover some of the beautiful things you will find at the Market – check it out here.

The Details:

Saturday, 15th Dec 2012
9.30am – 2.30pm
Riverside Theatres – (Courtyard INSIDE the building)
Cnr Church and Market Sts, Parramatta

You can get more info from their blog or Facebook page.

Love, Festival Girl

How To Make Gold Branch Christmas Tree | Christmas DIY fun!

So I’ve seen these everywhere on Pinterest and trust me guys it is as easy as it seems! My beautiful friend from DarnSexySecondHand decided to spruce up our office with some Christmas Cheer, so I just wanted to show you how good it can look!

How to get get the basics:

1) Grab a good looking branch – make sure it’s nice and dry.

2) Get some gold spray paint and find a friendly patch of grass or newspaper to do your thing.

3) Wait patiently while your branch dries. Try twiddling your thumbs or listening to this song until it’s dry.

4) If you feel like you want some more coverage, just give it another coat.

5) Once dry, find yourself a nice vase to pop your branch into or even get creative and do what DarnSexySecondHand did! She grabbed some beautiful red, silver and gold baubles, gold and red ribbons and silver beaded string to make this gorgeous modern Christmas Tree.

You can see her other awesome alternatives the traditional Chrissy tree (yep, that’s another one in the background) and even check out her cute Christmas Craft segment on the final episode of TEN’s Breakfast.


Love, Festival Girl