Top 5 Pinterest Pins This Week

Pin1_catMemeThe Monday that I wish for…

Pin2_SophiaLorenIsn’t Sophia Loren just gorgeous…and her blue polka dot veil…just amazing.

pin3_fashionsketchWhat a beautiful sketch.

pin4_greennailsIt is my mission to recreate this nail look – said by every pinner EVER!

pin5_pinupgirlOh how I love this image of this dancing pin-up girl. Isn’t it interesting how much better illustrations can look than real flesh and blood.


Festival Girl

Top 5 Pinterest Pins This Week

Pin1_DIYTabletPhoneHolderWhat an awesome idea…I’m so bad with my technology and always find myself dropping, scratching or almost breaking them.


Pin4_CloudSunRingsMade for Sydney weather

Pin3_GreenDressIt’s very easy being this pretty green dress.

Pin5_MyDogTheParadox_ComicThis comic is SUPER funny, but it’s really long so I just put one frame in….but PLEASE go on to read it all – freaking hilarious! A must for all dog lovers..or haters.


Festival Girl

Top 5 Pinterest Pins This Week

Pin1_MarilynMonroeI watched ‘My week with Marilyn’ over the weekend. Such a gorgeous girl, well done Michelle on a great portrayal of the most famous woman ever, Miss Marilyn Monroe.

Pin2_BirdcageGirlBirdcage skirt – why have I not thought of this.

Pin3_CuteHairCute hair for the new year. Must not be lazy this year…

Pin4_HealthyRecipesNew year, new diet. Let’s hope it goes better this time around with some new healthy recipes.

Pin5_MtFujiyamaMugsOh so cute. Mt Fujiyama mugs…Collect them all.


Love, Festival Girl