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SurfersParadise-6The boy and I went to the Gold Coast over the weekend and had an amazing time. Since it was really just two short days, we weren’t able to hit the theme parks but I did manage to soak up he beautiful sun on Saturday and escape the Sydney rains for a night.

Staying in Surfers Paradise, on Friday night, we decided to visit the beach-side markets along the surfers paradise boulevard. The atmosphere was buzzing with the sights and sounds of people enjoying the beach by night. We managed to get a couple minutes of market gazing before the clouds decided to let it rain. Poncho-less and a bit soaked, we continued our gazing.

SurfersParadise-3aSurfersParadise-(2)I was really excited to see the Sand Sand Sculpting Championships set up along the market. It’s a great way of bring art to people uses a medium such as sand, by the beach is just oh so fitting. This year’s championship was around the theme ‘Sand Safari’ with a number of talented artists sculpting scenes from Safari wildlife including the super cute, Madagascar characters.

These were some of my favourite sand sculptures I managed to capture before the rains hit: SurfersParadise-(5) SurfersParadise-7After waking up bright and early on Saturday morning, I wanted to soak up the beautiful sunshine and laze about on a beautiful beach, but there seemed to a problem. The rough,rainy weather had created some seriously unpredictable waves and the beach had its Red Flag up – the beach was closed. Never fear, we’ll just try the next beach… Another red flag and barricades were set up to keep people out of the water and safe. This was not good. We kept driving down the coast until we found a cute bay at Tallebudgera Dr, Palm Beach waving its inviting red and yellow flag. Finally…

SurfersParadise-10After soaking it up for a couple of hours, we decided to hit the road again and eventually found the beautiful gem at Currumbin. What an amazing view, I’m so glad we took the trek down the coast!

SurfersParadise-11How cute is this table setting and matching pillow I found at a nearby cafe on the beach.

SurfersParadise-13Sunday was our last day of our very short trip…sniff, sniff… Even though it had rained all night and the weather was looking worse for ware, I really wanted to squeeze in a trip to my favourite markets ever. We woke up nice and early and headed the rain and headed to the Carrara Markets.SurfersParadise_vert1Armed with my effective yet oh so dorky poncho and the hope that the rain would let up – and it did! The clouds were still about and produced a really humid, muggy day. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers.SurfersParadise_vert2I can’t really express how great I think this market is. First of all, it’s massive. With so many permanent stalls structures, the markets are pretty much always on. My favourite finds at the market was the farmers produce area. The Churro Cafe sells South American sweets, yerba tea, chorizo al pan and other imported foods. I got a bizcocho, its basically a South American croissant, so delicious.SurfersParadise-26 SurfersParadise-27Pork crackling snack. And bread. Mountains of freshly baked bread. Oh my…

SurfersParadise-23 SurfersParadise-21And one of my favourite stalls, lace and bits. So many ribbons….

SurfersParadise-33 SurfersParadise-34Then I found the mother-load, 6 buttons for a $1.So after riffling through a massive for about 1/2 hour, these are the beauties I found. My very patient boy even helped me find matching buttons. Bless!buttonsOur last stop off before heading home was Australia Fair. I found a couple of neat stores. My Cube store: One shop with all these cubes are mini shop fronts for entrepreneurs. What a clever idea!

Tucked in the corner was an artist space promoting the Gold Coast Art Festival and although it was closed, managed to take a squizz through the glass anyway.

SurfersParadise-37SurfersParadise-36Although it’s goodbye to the Gold Coast for me now, I’ll make it a mission to make it back sometime in the near future.

Love, Festival Girl

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