Mamre Harvest Festival | Spring 2013 Review

Mamre_Harvest_Festival_11I went along to the Mamre Harvest Festival over the weekend and although I was ill-equipped for the intense super sunny sun on my face, I still managed to have a good time. Note to self: next time being a hat to avoid becoming lobstery looking.

Like all good markets, it’s best to turn up early so you get to see all the exhibitors and get the most out of your day.

Mamre_Harvest_Festival_3Mamre_Harvest_Festival_2 Mamre_Harvest_Festival_1I know it’s such a foodie thing to do but dammit I just love checking out fresh produce… Maybe it’s the love and attention that goes into growing organic crops, but I just love it. It reminds me about the love and care that I put into tending to my beloved Basil before those light green, almost transparent green grubs get to them. You know the ones I’m talking about. It’s like they can sense that I am trying to grow my herbs pesticide free and decide they want in on that. Well to be honest, if I were a grub and the same opportunity came along, I’d probably eat it too.

But still, why don’t they eat grows-like-weeds Parsley instead of my super temperamental Basil that wilts at the drop of a hat. Don’t even get me started on my most favourite herb Coriander…I’ve seen many plants come and go and but it’s like I am kryptonite to them. They just don’t survive. Sniff sniff.

Anyway…rant over.

Mamre_Harvest_Festival_19A lovely lady asked me if I had was holding a movie camera – I replied, “it can record movies, but I like taking photos.” She said, “so Photography is your hobby?” I replied, “I guess so… This is yours?” She said, “I guess so.”

Mamre_Harvest_Festival_4 Mamre_Harvest_Festival_5There were a number of families out and about the Mamre Homestead. What better way to spend a lovely Sunday than getting into the community spirit and soaking up the sun.
I watched this man do some wood shaping and I was curious to see how into it these young kids were. I mean, look at them, not a mobile or digital device in their grasp.

Mamre_Harvest_Festival_17 Mamre_Harvest_Festival_16It was nice to bump into Kelliegus Lane & Friends again and I wanted to show you more of the wonderful critters that they’ve got.

Mamre_Harvest_Festival_18 Mamre_Harvest_Festival_14 Mamre_Harvest_Festival_13I just loved Crafty Cruella’s Creations. Shine bright like a diamond…

Mamre_Harvest_Festival_12 Saa Bella’s candles smelt so delicious I wanted to take them all home…Of course I would go broke if I did that, so instead, I acted like a normal person and chose my favourite and bought that one… Japanese Honeysuckle. Also, these candles are both handmade and made from Soy – my favourite type of candle.

Mamre_Harvest_Festival_10Mamre_Harvest_Festival_20Mamre_Harvest_Festival_9My Ecofriend showcases the talents and innovation of several women’s environmental cooperative to the rest of the world. They specialise in products that are made all from recycled materials and are made up from old soft drink labels, chip packets, juice boxes, rice and flour bags, aluminum cans, old magazines and old Yellow Pages.

More than 3000 women and their families benefit from the regular work and fair wages for what they produce. They also receive a number of other benefits such as health insurance, skills training, and an educational scholarship programme for their children.

Mamre_Harvest_Festival_8Mamre_Harvest_Festival_22 Mamre_Harvest_Festival_7 Mamre_Harvest_Festival_21How fabulous are these fascinators from Miss Fascinator Designs – just divine right? I really admire Milliners. There is something so classic about the art form of creating hats and fascinators. It’s almost like like any woman who wears one transforms into a beautiful woman from another era.

I hope if you made it along that you enjoyed it as much as I did. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook for more updates on the day in the life of me – Festival Girl.