Supanova Pop Culture Expo Sydney 2013 Review

Supanova_14Wowee was the Sydney Supanova Pop Culture Expo fun this year… Not only that, but it was really really busy. I mean, it was so packed, that you could barely move through the crowd and felt more like the feeling of being in the middle of a mosh pit minus the jumping. I put it down to the resurgence of a lot of Dr Who fans that were out and proud.

Supanova_9I spent my rainy Saturday trawling through stalls for geeky bargains and trying to keep an eye on the super fun-filled timetable without getting distracted by Batman, Superman or a number of Doctor Whos passing by.

Supanova_22What’s my secret to a fun filled event like this? Being organised will go a long way. Make sure you check out the timetable well ahead of time to scope out the best day to go and of course, this will help you nut out the bits that really matter so you don’t miss out.

So the lines for autographs and photos are reeeeeaaallllyyyy long. It would be so much better of they could get some sort of a pre-order for signatures so all you have to do is wait in the queue to meet your favourite stars. Am I right? Oh well, maybe one day. A friend of mine spent a number of hours patiently waiting to get to add Serenity series actor Alan Tudyk to his collection but luckily, he said it was worth the wait…also he said he was really cool and down to earth…eek.

As usual it’s always great to check out the mega talented artists and this year’s bunch were very much Steampunk influenced. Lucky for them, Steampunk is awesome…

Supanova_2Artitude (above) makes unique necklaces, earrings, brooches and steampunk jewellery made from new, recycled and up cycled bits and below, Markntime’s cool handmade and unique Steampunk styled watches are made from recycled and vintage timepieces.

Supanova_3Loved the additions of some awesome stalls like Aussiewood Props. They actually have the real items from the real movies. Some of my favourites included the cloak from Scream’s Ghost Face, the black and white outfit that Cameron Diaz wore in Charles Angels and my favourite, the grey 80’s bomber jacket that evil Biff wore in Back to the Future movie…eek.

Going to an event like Supanova really brings out the little kid out in all of us. Whether it’s re-playing a game that you played over 15 years ago or finally being able to buy that lifelike figurine that reminds you of that amazing feeling the very first time that you watched that movie that made you feel like you were in another universe full of aliens or robots or spaceships.

Supanova_7 Supanova_12So many dices…and omg….a giant slinky!

Supanova_6Ahhh my idea of heaven, hanging out with my mates playing my Nintendo 3DS. How good is the new Donkey Kong?!

Supanova_10 Supanova_20Look at these collectible busts from Sideshow Collectibles –  bask in their awesomeness.

Supanova_17Cosplay peeps… You guys just keep getting better and better. I love taking photos at Supanova because a) people love having their costume admired b) there’s nothing better than sharing your love of Batman, or Iron Man and c) being super fans means you know how to work it. I didn’t see who took out the big cosplay prize, but here were some of my favourites of the day:

Supanova_8 Supanova_18The Daft Punk guys definitely got some brownie points when they arrived in this get up strutting around to their very own theme song ‘Get Lucky.’

Supanova_11 Supanova_23 Supanova_16It’s Nyan cat!

Supanova_4Cookie Monster nom nom nom…

Supanova_19These Vocaloid femme fatales from are gorgeous with their colourful locks and awesome technology.

Supanova_5Girls rock!

Supanova_1The level of detail of these costumes are spot on. The droids are so convincing too 😉

Supanova_13This is probably my favourite cos players of the day, who of course were Khal Drogo and his blonde beauty Daenerys “Khaleesi” Targaryen  from the ever popular Game of Thrones.

I hope you have a chance to drop by the Supanova Expo if you get the chance so check out the site for all the times and dates.

Love, Festival Girl

Supanova Sydney | 21-23 June 2013

Supanova2012-35It’s Supanova time again –  hooray! What better way to blow the cool weather blues away than spending a day with your friends getting your geek on.

The Supanova Pop Culture Expo will be starting in Sydney over this weekend with dates locked in for the rest of the country over the next couple of months. This is a huge pop culture event and is the perfect chance to get to see some awesome supa-star celebs.

Celebs include: Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia in Star Wars Episodes 4-6), David Hasselhoff, Margot Kidder (Lois Lane in Superman I- IV, Amityville Horror), Oliver and James Phelps (Fred and George Weasley in the Harry Potter Series), Alan Tudyk (Wash in Firefly and Serenity, Alpha in Dollhouse, Suburgatory), Clare Kramer (Bring it On, Glory in Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and Lauren Tom (Amy Wong in Futurama, Friends, The Joy Luck Club.)

So if you love anything science-fiction, pulp TV/movies, toys, console gaming, trading cards, animation/cartoons, fantasy, comic books, entertainment technology, books, internet sites, fan-clubs and cosplay – then this is where you need to be.

When: 21-23 June
Friday June 21st, 6pm to 10pm, 2013
Saturday June 22nd, 10am to 6pm
Sunday June 23rd, 10am to 6pm

The Dome – Sydney Showground
1 Showground Road
Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127

Check out how to get thereticket prices and show activities before hand so you have more time on the day to enjoy it.

Hope to see you there.

Love, Festival Girl.

Craft and Quilt Fair Sydney 2013 Review

Craftandquiltfair2013_9So I went along to the Craft and Quilt Fair in Sydney over the weekend. It’s the fair’s 20th anniversary and in lieu of the traditional gifts of china or platinum, the fair instead saw many smiling patrons walk through the doors and spending a day in crafters heaven.

Craftandquiltfair2013_17The history’s on the wall…

Craftandquiltfair2013_28 Craftandquiltfair2013_3Tea cosies growing wild.

Craftandquiltfair2013_27A newcomer to the fair, Sew Craft Cook is a website that offers sewing and craft project tutorials for free…yep, I said free.

Craftandquiltfair2013_30A gorgeous branchy tree from Sew Craft Cook and look, a Hawaiian dancer from Butterfield Tate Gallery. How can you not love her?

Craftandquiltfair2013_26I just love everything from Butterfield Tate Gallery. Hazel began her career in London 1975, as a decorative painter/antique textile collector. Let me just tell you her career has been truly inspiring – it’s worth a read…

Craftandquiltfair2013_23Jane Davenport is a wonderful artist. Just look at her use of gorgeous colours and depictions of female characters.

Craftandquiltfair2013_22 Craftandquiltfair2013_21Craftandquiltfair2013_16How cool is this? Flexi Craft Moulds lets you become a cake decorating expert in just minutes. Prep the icing and place into mould and some pretty colours and hey presto, you are giving Adriano Zumbo a run for his money.

Craftandquiltfair2013_31Love this colourful rainbow bag and adorable owlies from Indigo Niche.

Craftandquiltfair2013_19Based in Queensland, Indigo Niche specialise in Japanese and Aboriginal fabrics and have a in-depth knowledge on Sashiko stitching.

Craftandquiltfair2013_15Some eager crafters signed up to some of the make and take workshops. It’s great to see so many active participants getting in there and having a go.

Craftandquiltfair2013_11It was great to see Venetian Imports again. You might remember me mentioning them a couple of craft fairs ago. They specialise in importing beautiful Venetian masks, jewellery, beads, fans and other gorgeous accessories. Did you know as a young girl, I must have been around 10 years old, I bought two porcelain masks very similar to the ones below. I remember loving them so much. I thought they were the prettiest things I owned. I know right, what a weird thing for a kid to like… Then one day, when I was taking one off my wall, I accidentally dropped it and it cracked in half. I was heart broken. My dad tried to glue it back together, but it never really looked the same again, but I still loved it anyway.

Craftandquiltfair2013_14Craftandquiltfair2013_13 Craftandquiltfair2013_8I was excited to see the Calvacade of Fashion. Although it was small, it’s an amazing experience to see a garment that was worn a hundred years ago, how it’s held up over time and see how much fashion has changed over time.

Craftandquiltfair2013_10Pitt Trading had me drooling over their vintage appliques and details (as usual). What’s even better was the mega sale they had on a number of their products and fabrics in store. Although I had to restrain myself, I was able to grab a couple of bargains. Whoo me!Craftandquiltfair2013_18I want this turquoise necklace…drools*

Craftandquiltfair2013_25It was great to see my old friend from Scrapmatts with her very own workshop this year – how exciting.

Craftandquiltfair2013_24Isn’t her work fabulous? It’s Dr Who…

Craftandquiltfair2013_5Quilts, quilts and more quilts. Personally, quilting is something I’m just not that into at the moment, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that these talented quilters have put into their works.

Craftandquiltfair2013_6 Craftandquiltfair2013_4 Craftandquiltfair2013_7I think it’s really existing when quilters use more unusual subjects for their quilts, although pretty flowers and patterns will always be envogue.

Love, Festival Girl.