The Sydney Fair Review 2013

TheSydneyFair2013_16So over the weekend I went along to The Sydney Fair over at Moore Park. Set in the charming Byron Kennedy Hall, the setting saw a handful of antique stores and exhibitors offering top notch quality antique furniture, home wares, clothing, fashion and jewelery accessories, with a particular focus on the Art Deco period. As the saying goes, it’s about the quality, not quantity.

I think this kind of fair really speaks to the real antique furniture or vintage collector. The staff operating their stalls certainly know their stuff and its clear to see why. They live and breathe their passion everyday. I spoke to a lovely man from Deco Diva who gave me a grand tour of his Art Deco pieces. Here are a number of pieces that he thought were stand outs.

TheSydneyFair2013_1In the centre, the stunning and rare model “The Captured Bird “by Josef Lorenzl for Goldscheider Ceramics Austria Circa 1922. It is a large 48cm model and is Lorenzls interpretation of the Famous German Dancer Niddy Imperkovan.

TheSydneyFair2013_8 TheSydneyFair2013_3I just LOVED these glassware sets. I’d love one in each colour please…

TheSydneyFair2013_12Eat your heart out all you Royal Doulton tea set collectors…

TheSydneyFair2013_2Pieces like this scream Art Deco – beautiful bronze sculptures on marble depicting females or posing athletic men and wild animals like Bulls and Jaguars.

TheSydneyFair2013_11TheSydneyFair2013_18This model was actually used in Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. What a star!

TheSydneyFair2013_5Moving on to a lovely stall Gold Coast Glitz, a lovely gentleman insisted that we explore, have a play and try them on. It was so refreshing to hear!

TheSydneyFair2013_13 TheSydneyFair2013_14He explained that a couple of pieces have a very unique story. These Art Nuevo necklaces were uncovered in an old czech crystal factory since the 1920s period. They had been untouched for almost 90 years and lay dormant over the period of time Germany took over the factories during the war. With only a couple of hundred in the world, he explained that they have managed to get their hands on about 4 of them.

TheSydneyFair2013_7I loved Thrifted and Modern store. Coming all the way from California for the fair, their pieces focus on Californian fashion over the last decade. The lovely owner was just so delightful, she even told my friend and I that “we’ve got to try lifting this dress….” (pictured in the centre) So of course we did and man…was it heavy! The dress and matching bolero was made of beautiful navy lace and thousands of tiny complimentary glass beads.

TheSydneyFair2013_10If you’ve visited some of the vintage and antique fairs around Sydney, you might remember seeing Circa Collectibles. 

TheSydneyFair2013_4 TheSydneyFair2013_9Specialising in vintage and designer jewellery, European ceramics and German pottery and 20th century decorative arts, the Circa Collectibles stall always has a nice eclectic look about it.

TheSydneyFair2013_15I thought Coutura Vintage’s display fashion display was so engaging. Set up like an exhibition, the nicely decorated space highlighted a number of fashion items that are for sale and really builds an image of what the fashion was once like.

TheSydneyFair2013_6 TheSydneyFair2013_16All in all, I had a good time at the event. Considering it was the first for this kind of event, I’d like to see this event continue to grow. I would love to see more exhibitors showing a wider range of fashion styles might open up this niche a little more.

I loved that the market had later 7pm operating hours to accommodate all the working of folks out there, but it would also be great to see an online store component for shoppers who may not have been ready to make a purchase there are then.

Love, Festival Girl.