Sydney Vintage and Retro Fair 2013 Review

VintageRetroFair-5Wowee the weather was gorgeous over the weekend. I went along to the Vintage and Retro Fair at Sydney Technology Park in Redfern and had a whale of a time. How gorgeous do these models look? Head to toe vintage or vintage inspired. Loving Kitty Von Tastique’s green and pink quiff!

For those of you that know me, you know I love going along to vintage fairs. If you’re reading this post, I know I don’t need to explain the thrill of the search in finding the perfect, unique  item that was made for you, or the enjoyment of hearing the story about where an item was from and when it was made or even just the simple fact, that they don’t make them like they used.

VintageRetroFair-12There is something so charming about Sydney Technology Park and I thought it was the perfect venue for the Fair. In fact, it’s probably one of my all time favourite venues that I’ve been to. The mystery of its history is in its large vacant space, tall ceilings and sun light for days, it’s not hard to see why this space works.

VintageRetroFair-26First stop, the fashion show! This low key fashion show had a Mexican twist featuring a number of cute Mexican vintage skirts, shirts and embroidered dresses.

VintageRetroFair-2 VintageRetroFair-1 VintageRetroFair-3 VintageRetroFair-4I bumped into my good old friend Recycology and I decided to buy this fabulous silk scarf from her for a steal!

Recycology-scarfIt’s a little hard to see, but the scarf is of an abstract flower vase on a table.

VintageRetroFair-16VintageRetroFair-21VintageRetroFair-17So I’ve become a little obsessed with hats and all sorts of fascinators. The Vintage Advantage had some gorgeous hats that I of course, played dress up with. There is something wonderful and transformational about the way they make you feel.

VintageRetroFair-22For the gentleman who knows what he wants and exactly how he wants to look, Tony the Quiff master is your man. He will have you looking like you’re from another era.

VintageRetroFair-6 How clever is this idea? Silver Spoon Jewellery make beautiful jewellery from vintage spoons. What a gorgeous way to upcycle.

VintageRetroFair-15VintageRetroFair-14VintageRetroFair-20Bowerbird Vintage (centre) had a supply of jewellery, accessories and other gorgeous things.

VintageRetroFair-11The Vintage Drawer had some lovely things on display. Ooh sparkly…

VintageRetroFair-25The Monster at no.14 are just so on trend. Let’s face it, I just felt like saying, ‘you know what, why don’t you just pack it all up and shove it into my place.’

VintageRetroFair-19And those gold pineapples, they are so hot right now. They’re all over Pinterest and you can snag yourself one these brass reproductions. Apparently they were originally used as a wine bucket, but I guess you can use it how you want. Perhaps a cool new place to put your keys…

VintageRetroFair-7The guys from Gold Coast Glitz had a whole lot of beautiful vintage jewellery on display.

VintageRetroFair-13VintageRetroFair-27Bowerbird Vintage are at it again. So much gorgeousness!

VintageRetroFair10 VintageRetroFair-9 VintageRetroFair-8Kitty Von Tastique rummages some vintage clothes and spots a sassy bolero with soft, white fluff – to die for!

All in all I had a great day and can’t wait to go to the next fair!

Love, Festival Girl