Central Coast Italian Festival 2014 Review

2014-04-26-12.08On a whim, I decided to check out the Central Coast Italian festival at the quiet seaside village of Ettalong beach. It’s the 5th year anniversary for this festival and for me, it was a first time visit to the Ettalong Beach Tourist Park where the festival takes place.


These two images from Human Statue Body Art – these performers are just flawless, they are so lifelike. If you’d like to see more pics, you can check them out here.

unnamed2I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised to be engaged by the Italian inspired architecture and the charming nature of this Little Italy on the Coast.

The romantic Italian architecture has a number of paths and hide-holes that will have you happily exploring the whimsical space.

2014-04-26-12.14.29 2014-04-26-12.17The festival celebrates all things Italian: Vino, birra, cuisine, coffee, traditional + folk dancing, music, song, comedy, cars, fashion, film, merchandise, travel, language, sport!

2014-04-26-12.17- 2014-04-26-12.18 2014-04-26-12.18- 2014-04-26-12.22-

Just around the corner, a vast collection of vintage Fiats had their owners out and proud. Aren’t they just adorable?


2014-04-26-12.38-2014-04-26-12.38-- 2014-04-26-13.15-There is food galore, from local restaurants that call this plaza home, to a number of tasty pop up foodie places that have the masses happy and full.

2014-04-26-13.19Clearly the most popular of the lot, the tastings of Italy’s street food vendors had people wanting more. It smelt amazing!

2014-04-26-13.19-Roasted chestnuts – don’t mind if I do…

2014-04-26-13.21 2014-04-26-13.32

This is the cutest, fattest pug I’ve ever seen. I know obesity in pets is not recommended, but I love dogs of all shapes and sizes, and this one happened to steal the heart of not just me. This lady in front of me couldn’t get enough. I must admit, I shed a couple of tears of happiness seeing this little pug. Bless.

2014-04-26-13.56Wow are these dogs MASSIVE. I’m not sure what breed they are, but they are just huge. These gentle giants sat quietly as many passers by took photos and patted them. So cute!

2014-04-26-14.25What better way to end the day, then to head to Ettalong beach and eat an ice-cream by the sea.

The festival is on until 4pm today, so don’t forget to head down and get lost in Little Italy. Bon appetit!

Love, Festival Girl

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