Vivid Sydney 2014 Review

VividSydney2014-12Vivid Sydney, what a magical time of year. Art is out and about, lights are mesmerising and love is in the air. So I read somewhere that on average around 800,000 attend Vivid Sydney and produces around 20 million dollars in commerce. Amazing right?

So over the weekend I attended my friends wedding reception that happened to be right on the harbour so I managed to get a couple of good snaps.

People were obviously going crazy for Vivid as during the peak period at around 7pm, they actually had to close all trains to Circular Quay, so walk from Wynyard we must. It was an eerie/exciting walk and kinda felt like there was going to be a amazing festival or the beginnings of a zombie apocalypse….

VividSydney2014-1As much as people stomped on and try to get these lights to light up, I didn’t have the heart to tell them that it doesn’t really seem to work that way.

VividSydney2014-2 These lit up butterflies were powered by the sound of clapping. It was a beautiful moment; like a silent symphony of lights.

VividSydney2014-3This really reminded me of Stricly Ballroom, but I’m sure that was the point.

VividSydney2014-4I’m not really sure what this was…. Light funnel?

VividSydney2014-5Looks like Tokyo!

VividSydney2014-6 VividSydney2014-7 VividSydney2014-8There were sOooO many people at the harbour.

VividSydney2014-9This Cherry Blossom wall was really beautiful in life, and tragically did not translate as well on the camera.

VividSydney2014-10VividSydney2014-11Are you planning on going along to Vivid? What was your favourite bit?

Love, Festival Girl

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