Supanova Pop Culture Expo Sydney 2014 Review


So I went along to Supanova Sydney over the weekend. Although it was an absolutely freezing day, that didn’t spoil any of the fun inside the show. I’ve been to a number of Supanovas now, but it kinda feels like this was my favourite one by far. I’m not really sure why though. I did manage to go along with my bestie (her first time) so maybe that’s what made it more exciting. Maybe it was seeing her in tears when John Barrowman appeared on the seminar stage. Oh and probably the fact that STAN freaking LEE was there!

Supanova2014Sydney-16=7The Supanova realm is really taking over the Olympic Park Sydney Show ground with the ENTIRE building being devoted to the show…and guess what…it was still packed with sooo many fans. I don’t actually think there is a venue in Sydney big enough for all this fandom. At times it was so packed it was hard to walk, but personally I don’t really mind, it adds to the fun of the event.

I love this kind of event as it speaks to the nerds, the geeks, the outcast, the downtrodden and let’s face it, the cool people ūüôā It brings everyone together of different ages, races, colours and of course species, to share their love of pop culture and gaming.

I noticed this year the number of handmade/creative stalls selling unique art or wearable accessories was on overdrive. I couldn’t get enough. I ended up buying a print of Pusheen the cat being just adorable and an amazing image of Alice in Wonderland.

Here are some of my favourite costumes and bits from the day:


What a clever costume

Supanova-Sydney-2014-5 Supanova-Sydney-2014-6Most creative use of cardboard for the day! I loved the Marty McFly and his tiny Delorean… | This painted girl looked incredible. | Adventure time right now!


So as you could probably tell, this set up involves a huge number of cameras that capture from every angle and creates a 360 degree image of you and your friends. Awesome right?!


Super Hero journals (Funky Journals) turns your ordinary notebook into an extraordinary notebook that features your favourite comic book hero.They even do notebooks of your golden book favourites and notebooks featuring your favourite record.

Supanova2014Sydney-6Isn’t this blue themed costume just gorgeous? | haha the Minion Maid! | Also, Back to the Future in the present. | These are some pretty fly Nike Hyperdunks…too bad he couldn’t get the hovercraft to work ūüôĀ

Supanova2014Sydney-12 Supanova2014Sydney-4

Watch dogs! Hands down best look-alike of the day. | Something tells me this is not the first time she’s done this pose.

Supanova2014Sydney-20 Supanova2014Sydney-18

These lovely ladies take you from drab to fab with their expert caricature make-up.

Supanova2014Sydney-19Just look at this amazing Maleficent…

Supanova2014Sydney-34Yzma and Cuzco from Emperor’s New Groove!


Princess Peach, Pikachu¬†and Yoshi. Colour overload! | Nerds! I’ve taken some notes and this is on my dress up list. | Beauty and the Beast (I bet you sang it in your head, didn’t you?!)

Supanova2014Sydney-32I want candy!

Supanova2014Sydney-33 Supanova2014Sydney-35 Supanova2014Sydney-9

Day of the Dead girl, you’re so awesome. Gorgeous make-up by the way… Speaking of Day of the Dead, I found an amazing Day of the Dead Simpsons figurine for $50…It looks like this


Do you remember these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys from when you were a kid?! These are the originals.

Supanova2014Sydney-14 Supanova2014Sydney-28I wanted to get a better shot of Heisenberg but when I tried, he just seemed to have disappeared. The REAL Walter White perhaps?

Supanova2014Sydney-13 Supanova2014Sydney-38 Welcome John Barrowman! Honestly I didn’t know too much about John before seeing this seminar and let me just say that not only is he a fine performer and actor, I think he’s just a lovely human too.

Supanova2014Sydney-36John and his partner share a sweet kiss…Awww…


The wait for Stan Lee begins…

Supanova-Sydney-2014-2Hands down the most popular guest of the whole event. Stan Lee himself…

Supanova-Sydney-2014-7Some Cosplayers got a little excited hearing the news that Stan Lee is in the house!

Supanova2014Sydney-37The fans go one by one and ask Stan their ultimate question.

Supanova-Sydney-2014-3Stan’s hearing is not what it used to be, so lucky for us, Stan had an ‘interpreter’ on stage to help field our questions. It was such a great experience hearing Stan talking about comic book history and how he became the person we all know today. Stan is clearly still young at heart…


A tiny glimpse of Stan walking by the signings…

Supanova2014Sydney-7As always, Popculture you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind…

Supanova2014Sydney-27Supanova2014Sydney-8Supanova2014Sydney-26Supanova2014Sydney-25Clearly the guy who owns it just loves Carnage #livingthedream

Supanova2014Sydney-24 Supanova2014Sydney-1She is the one named, Sailor Moon! Well, close enough…Okay okay it’s really Sailor Venus. Oh gawd how I loved Sailor Moon growing up! | There is something so peaceful yet unnerving¬†about No-Face (Kaonashi)¬†from Spirited Away.


I loved this giant Totoro, I just had to snap! Where do I get one of these from?

I hope you had fun at the show, what was your favourite part?
For those yet to attend, what are you looking forward to the most?

Love, Festival Girl

The Wires Project Review: Seymour Centre – Vivid 2014

TheWiresProjectVIVID2014Imagine this… Dark Theatre. Bodies on stage. Spoken word. Vulnerable musicians. Metallic tapping of the electric guitar. Soothing keyboards. Versatile drums keeping rhythm to an unknown melody. Mesmerising adaptive visuals. React and improvise. Use your eyes, mind and ears. A beautiful songbird Soprano. Her siren calls asks you to pay attention. Listen. Inviting you to explore the musical terrain with her as she leads you through a tranquil dreamlike soundscape.

As a part of Vivid festival, I went along to The Seymour Centre last Thursday to watch an interactive live performance of The Wires Project with special thanks to Comes with Fries. The Wires Project describe themselves as being centred around live musical improvised performances that are directly influenced by projected video and photography.

In this particular multi-layered art work, the musicians on stage are inspired by Aymeric De Meautis’s 3D composition of Singapore based photographer Chia Ming Chien’s photographs. Moving between pieces, ‘Wires,’ City,’ ‘Ocean’ and ‘Untitled,’ this 55 minute unheard transportational piece moves its audience in different ways. With the use of electronic aids, the musicians are able to exchange emotional and musical ideas by recording loops and riffs, they can electronically highlight their instruments and other intriguing sounds to add strength their musical army.

Between each piece, the representative for the musical group, the Soprano explains a little more about their craft, their place in Vivid and their work as artists. Clearly they are all full fledged musicians who are capable of creating wonderful sounds both individually and as a musical group who appreciate art and experimental music.

‘Wires’ – A peaceful video shows a calm sky with wires across it. We look up at the sky, at the world through the wires and admire its steal-ing beauty. The sounds are peaceful, uplifting, joyous and inspirational. The Soprano’s voice is enthralling and her sweet sound reminds me of the amazing singer Katie Noonan.

‘City’ – A darker image with bright, bold, electric colours fill the screen. Waves of electricity and energy pass through the wires and cause a visual buzz. A reminder that amongst the hustle and bustle of a busy city, these wires precariously hang above us; controlling us and our ability to connect and communicate with one another. The sounds metamorphisise into darker drumming sounds, whispering echoes and thunderous strumming swirling around the dark space. As explained by the Soprano, the wires aren’t necessarily bad or good, they just are.

‘Ocean’ – The sight of a sunset and the calm waves passing back and forth over the untouched shore. The sound scape becomes peaceful, melodic and induces a meditative state; an inner peace comes over the listener.

‘Untitled’ – In their final piece, the sound and visuals come together in this unexplained territory and as a result, builds to a climatic end to an overall improvised show. All the musicians have their opportunity to show their skills and there are some great moments where the members experimental creativity shines through.

If you’d like to listen to a sample of their work from the night, I did manage to record a small segment from the show. As is probably understandable, I chose not to record the whole thing as this work is completely based on the idea of reaction, spontaneity and creating a new musical event each performance.

Learn more about The Wires Project from their Facebook page and you can listen to Soprano Brianna Cowlishaw do her thing at FBi here.

What’s been your Vivid highlight this year?


New Wave: Sound – Vivid Music Seymour Centre


Celebrate music, sweet music at the¬†Seymour centre as a part of Vivid Sydney this year’s Vivid Sydney’s musical offerings. In its second year, the music program New Wave: Sound will be held at the Seymour centre across three nights this June (5-7th June).

The Seymour’s New Wave: Sound for Vivid Music is a contemporary and experimental music weekend. Acoustically dynamic, highly adaptable and equipped with the latest technology Рthe Seymour Centre is the perfect venue for such a demanding and exciting production.

Handpicked by celebrated contemporary composer and curator Andrew Batt-Rawden, New Wave: Sound includes artists from a variety of musical backgrounds and genres inspired by innovative electronics. The cream of Australia’s underground electro/acoustic artists will join together to create experimental and innovative music performances as part of Vivid Sydney 2014.

A one-off collection of top sound artists truly harnessing the key principles of light, music and ideas, New Wave: Sound promises to be a unique component of this year’s festival.

Read more about the program details here. Learn more about curator Andrew Batt-Rawden, the man behind New Wave: Sound at the Seymour Centre here. Images from here.

Love, Festival Girl