Parramatta Winterlight 2014 Review

Winterlight-Parramatta-2014-18So I went along to Winterlight over the weekend and was surprised by all the delightful trimmings and sense of wintery goodness. In it’s new location in Parramatta, Winterlight is designed to dazzle, mesmerise and make you get lost in this winter wonderland.

It was actually my first time going along and let me just say who would have thought that lil ol’ Parramatta could be turned into a European inspired snowy-scape that you might see in the Alps. There is something so mesmerising about walking through a winter wonderland in Australia. I think we are generally so used to warm sunny days and nights that the prospect of feeling the emotions that ‘winter’ brings, are so far and few in between. Well, at least for me any way.


I hope you like some of my experimental shots using manual settings and a tripod (it’s so unlike me to be so organised) There are heaps of free activities for kids including winter themed workshops, ice skating and light shows and a cool alpine winter village.

Winterlight-Parramatta-2014Although there wasn’t any real snow, it’s been exceptionally icy this winter, so you really get the feeling of a chilly winter.

Winterlight-Parramatta-2014-17I loved this life-size snow globe, I think there might be a fee to get in there and have a play, but, I reckon this would be a great photo op for the family.

Winterlight-Parramatta-2014-3Winterlight-Parramatta-2014-4 Winterlight-Parramatta-2014-2I was so in love with the level of detail put into the event; from the stands to the decoration, it really all comes together to evoke a sense of Winter. Featuring crafty wooden stalls with European inspired decorative motifs, white picket fences and delightful decorative pretzels and heart candy scattered around the space, how could all this not melt your chilled exterior?

Winterlight-Parramatta-2014-7 Winterlight-Parramatta-2014-8Looking for some tasty wintery treats? Adora is an Ammmaaaazzziinnnnggg handmade chocolate shop. Don’t forget to end your night with a delicious cup of hot chocolate…

Winterlight-Parramatta-2014-5 Winterlight-Parramatta-2014-6Winterlight-Parramatta-2014-11Winterlight-Parramatta-2014-12We tried the Pork Belly Roll with grilled onions and a tangy mango sauce ($10) from The German Hut and it was so yummy. I’m thinking of heading back to try another roll haha




Winterlight-Parramatta-2014-16Oh did I forget to mention there’s an outdoor bar as well. Also, if you go on Friday or Saturday nights, there’s actually a live DJ!


Unfortunately, Ice Skating is not for me. I basically turn into a clinging baby monkey that refuses to let go of the wall…and the few times I’ve been brave and tried to go out on my own, I fall flat on my ass. I guess this is not a unique story, but it really hurts to fall down on ice. It would have been great to learn as a kid when the memories of falling down might even seem nostalgic 🙂

Winterlight-Parramatta-2014-20The ice rink had these awesome Skate Penguins that you can hire that helps you pry yourself from the wall and instead cling to the safety of the the Skate Penguin. Thankfully these are for both kids and adults.

Winterlight-Parramatta-2014-10 Winterlight-Parramatta-2014-9

Winterlight details:

Everyday from 27 June to 13 July 2014.
Location: Prince Alfred Park, Corner Church St and Victoria Rd, Parramatta
Ice Skating: The Ice rink will operate Sunday to Thursday 10am to 9pm AND Friday to Saturday 10am to 10pm.
You can buy tickets to skate visit
Tickets: children under 5 years $10, 5-13 years $16, 14 years and over $20, family pass $58. All prices include free skate hire.

You can find the kids workshop schedule here:

Are you thinking of heading to Winterlight Parramatta? Or if you’ve been, What did you think of it?

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