Sydney Sci-Fi Pop Culture Fair 2014

HobbyCollector-2014-granville-6So a couple of weeks back I went along to the Sydney Sci-Fi Pop Culture Fair in Granville also known as the Collector Mania Toy & Hobby Fair on an ultra rainy Sydney day. I’m talking serious water. Just non-stop awful rain…gum boots were really the only way to get around.

Inside however, was a lovely, cosy room decorated in nostalgic treats for the pop culture fiend. The travelling fair makes its way around Sydney so everyone has a chance to visit. The best way to keep up is by keeping an eye on their Facebook page.

Held at the Blouza Hall in Granville, I’ve never actually been to this venue before but it really has a certain charm about it. Kinda like stepping into a theatre of the 1930’s. Perfect for anyone looking for an event space for a similar styled event.

HobbyCollector-2014-granville-1 Anyway, with 63 tables, there was loads of retro goodies to feast on. There was so much to check out: comics, action figures, posters, DVD’s, magazines, trading cards, slot cars and of course, LEGO, Tv, movie and sci-fi collectables. One dealer just returned from the San Diego Comic Con and even had some show exclusives available.


Personally I like to collect female Lego mini figurines – just the cool ones really or the ones with elaborate costumes. So far I my favourites are Cleopatra, the Flamenco dancer and Geisha Girl.


I found this really cool official Finding Nemo Tank Gang ($5 for the set) that you’d normally find from those 20 cent machines inside of shopping malls. It might not be the most valuable collection, but I just found the set adorable. Each come in their own little aquarium that when you stack up, they look like all the characters are all in one lil ol’ aquarium together. Mine came in little plastic baggies, since it was hard to see, I thought I’d show you this one instead.

HobbyCollector-2014-granville--1There was of course, Cosplay.

HobbyCollector-2014-granville-2 HobbyCollector-2014-granville--2A friend of mine actually has a very old Winnie the Pooh bear that reminded me of this little guy. This would be perfect for the avid collector.

HobbyCollector-2014-granville-3 So much stuff. Must. look. through. every. box…

HobbyCollector-2014-granville--3 Ted! | A massive collection of trading cards | The ultimate Metroplex Autobot

HobbyCollector-2014-granville--4This guy was trawling through this box of TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) toys trying to find the perfect one | These Pop! action figures are just everywhere, there’s almost too many to collect | Aww, young at heart.

My brother is actually a really big collector of all things retro and absolutely loves coming to these kinds of events and he is nuts for TMNT and Transformers. There is something about the hope and faith that you have in looking in one more box to find that priceless treasure.

HobbyCollector-2014-granville-5I don’t really know what this was meant to do, but it looks pretty cool. I tried looking through them, so I guess they are supposed to be like 3d image glasses?

HobbyCollector-2014-granville-4 HobbyCollector-2014-granville-7

HobbyCollector-2014-granville-8HobbyCollector-2014-granville-9 HobbyCollector-2014-granville-10Transformers and figurines in every colour of the rainbow

HobbyCollector-2014-granville-11This guy had a serious collection of LEGO mini figurines. This is where I got my flamenco dancer figurine from… I want them all!

HobbyCollector-2014-granville-12This dealer actually just came back from Comicon – the holy grail of collectors right?

HobbyCollector-2014-granville-13I really enjoy events like this as it takes me back to the simpler time of childhood. I don’t think I’m the only one, it seems that there is just something about reliving the nostalgia of seeing and holding all your favourite toys from when you were growing up. Some might be trying to replace something that meant a lot to them or maybe it’s something you’d like to share with your children now and hope they have embrace it and have as much fun as you did with it.

You can see more photos from the Granville date, but the best way of experiencing all this is to go to a show and have a look yourself here 


Check out the calender to all their upcoming dates and venues and also you can stay tuned in to all the latest on their Facebook page.

What’s your favourite toy or game from your childhood?


Festival Girl

Foodies’ Guide to Hobart

TasmaniaWeekend-14So I visited Hobart the other week with my bestie for our dual birthday celebration on our Hobart Foodie Adventure! As a first time visitors we knew we only had a weekend to explore the great land of Tasmania and like all optimistic travellers, we wanted to see and taste as much as possible.

TasmaniaWeekend-1So I visited to Hobart the other week with my bestie on our Hobart Foodie Adventure! As a first time visitors we knew we only had a weekend to explore the great land of Tasmania and like all optimistic travellers, we wanted to see and taste as much as possible. Can you believe Hobart is only 1.5 hours from Sydney?! For some reason, I thought it was so much further. As a side note, we probably didn’t choose the best time of year to visit (middle of Winter) as it was absolutely FREEZING but it didn’t stop us from doing what we came to do, and that EAT!

TasmaniaWeekend-3After settling in to the hotel Travelodge (we only travel in style) we made our way to the wharf for tasty late night dinner at Mures.

First up some fresh oysters with a sticky, sweet custard like sauce, it’s oysters like I’ve never tried before, like dessert oysters if there is such a thing. In the centre is my all new favourite wine – it’s a gorgeous Tasmanian wine that I spent all weekend trying to track down but alas, could not find. On the end, an amazing Kahlua pannacotta with strawberries, white chocolate and Persian fairy floss. Just, to die for. To celebrate being young and stupid, we contemplated testing out the bar or club scene in Hobart, but it turns out there really isn’t much of one. Well not with the effort of finding a place that we wouldn’t have to walk too far. You see, late night + stupidly full bellies + rainy, freezing drizzle + no car + walking = Back to hotel. TasmaniaWeekend-v1Day 2 – Nice and rugged up, we decided to have brunch at the Salamanca Markets. On the way, of course, we got distracted. Hobart is made up of some beautiful architecture and even has some small resemblances to Paris, so lets call it – Aussie Paris…kinda.

TasmaniaWeekend-4 TasmaniaWeekend-v2According to Trip Advisor, one of the must stop places on the foodie map included the Daci & Daci Bakery – so nice they named it twice. To be honest, I really didn’t get to eat here – you see, we were on our way to the Markets, so that would have been silly… But everyting looked incredible, so bonus points for that. Also, they have the biggest, pastel coloured meringues I’ve ever seen!

TasmaniaWeekend-5TasmaniaWeekend-6Finally, the markets!

TasmaniaWeekend-8Everyday we’re trufflin’…

TasmaniaWeekend-7My bestie went truffle mad and bought some Truffle honey Mustard with Honey

TasmaniaWeekend-v4I couldn’t stop pointing out all the Tazzy devils everywhere – so cute!

TasmaniaWeekend-9No hat, no worry. There were SO MANY hats, beanie, scarves, ponchos, jacekets – you name it!

TasmaniaWeekend-10 TasmaniaWeekend-v5This is where Brussels Sprouts are born. Right down the centre of the ally, you can see Mount Wellington top covered in snow. Look at this amazing coloured produce.

TasmaniaWeekend-11Individual Pavs!

TasmaniaWeekend-v3 TasmaniaWeekend-12So for those of you who don’t know the tale of of the Anzac tradition of ‘Two-Up’ – here’s the short version. Two-up is a gambling game in which coins are spun in the air and bets are laid on whether they fall heads or tails. Since unregulated gambling is illegal in Aus, the game of Two-Up is exempt on the following dates: Anzac Day (25 April in any year), Victory in the Pacific Day (15 August in any year), and Remembrance Day (11 November in any year but only after noon). Learn to play it.

TasmaniaWeekend-13 Salmon Sausages! Oh Hobart, you crazy. So delicious though. For all you Salmon lovers, there is an entire store dedicated to Salmon, I kid you not. This is where I bought some Salmon jerky, yep that’s what I said, Salmon jerky.

TasmaniaWeekend-15jpgFresh food aisle – so much amazing Tasmanian cheese!

TasmaniaWeekend-16 TasmaniaWeekend-17 TasmaniaWeekend-18After grazing for a while at the markets we still had room in our bellies we decided to hit up Smolt Cafe. These croquettes were incredible.

TasmaniaWeekend-19Back to the hotel for some R & R before our date with Monty’s on Montepelier. Yes, we’re eating again 😀 This is the dinner we reserved months in advance.

TasmaniaWeekend-20So we’re a little late to our reservation and a little lost. If you’re walking around aimlessly like we were looking for Monty’s on Montepellier, just head up the road, up the alley that looks scary and you’ll find it at the top of the small hill.

It’s pretty much an charming old house that fits a quaint amount of foodies and nestles you between their 3 (!) fireplaces. Talk about warm and cosy. The lighting and mood was so cozy and smouldering, it was really hard to take some decent photos on my phone, but trust me, this was one of the best degustations I’ve ever had. This first dish, the amuse bouche was just, so amazing topped with a thin slice of truffle. Some dishes were so delicious that I actually forgot to take photos of them, ate most of it, then quickly tried to stitch together the dish to try to capture it’s beauty. Let’s just say, by the end cheese plate, all I managed to capture was a bit of cheese crumb that was left on our table. Worst. Food blogger. Ever.

Day 3 – It was the first time I’ve seen these amazing looking cabbage flowers, aren’t they gorgeous?

TasmaniaWeekend-21Since we’re fatties and decided we didn’t eat enough already, we hit the Farm Gate Markets also located in Hobart. Apparently this is where the REAL foodies come to get their produce.

TasmaniaWeekend-22I bought a Champagne jam for a souvenir from this stall. I thought the colour and chunk-less jam just looked so classy.

TasmaniaWeekend-23I’m such a sucker for bliss balls, I think my favourite was the one with dates, yum!

TasmaniaWeekend-24This is where mushrooms are born. Actually, this stall sells ‘grow your own mushroom’ kits, pretty neat huh?

TasmaniaWeekend-25 TasmaniaWeekend-26All sorts of potatoes

TasmaniaWeekend-27Some of the freshest Oysters I’ve ever tasted. We opted for the jumbo ones of course at a whopping $2.50 each. My bestie was salivating at the thought of these babies. Truth be told fresh oysters like this aren’t normally cup of tea, but oh well, when in Hobart…

TasmaniaWeekend-28TasmaniaWeekend-29Delicious pulled pork and slaw roll

TasmaniaWeekend-30A really organic tasting/smelling Laksa. It was at the Laksa store that my bestie spotted Bianca from My Kitchen Rules and overheard that they had a stall at the market.

TasmaniaWeekend-v6My bestie couldn’t help to buy some tasty Chicken pate and get a photo with the talented girls Bianca and Thalia from MKR.

TasmaniaWeekend-31This was one of the longest lines at the market – this Sushi Chef hand makes your sushi to order. Amazing right?!

TasmaniaWeekend-32This Black Shipping container is where you can get your tickets to MONA and where you catch the sassy Ferry to the unique Art Musuem

TasmaniaWeekend-33The outside of the ferry is painted in grey camo and on inside the sassy ferry, you will see things that you’ve probably never seen in your run of the mill ferry – notice the explosion of graffiti sprayed on the stairs shaft, you can snack on some delights including wine and a tasty treat and just outside on the deck you can sit on decorative poofs or if that is too ordinary for you, you can take a seat on my favourite, ornamental sheep. Because, why not.

TasmaniaWeekend-34Frosty Mount Wellington in all its glory.

TasmaniaWeekend-35When you arrive to the ferry dock, you will notice a set of stairs that seems never ending (why does the brochure not warn you about this) THIS IS AN INSANE AMOUNT OF STAIRS or maybe I’m incredibly unfit, or a bit of both. Once you reach the top, take a moment to take it all in. You can see a gorgeous view from the top.

TasmaniaWeekend-36Now unfortunately I was trying to conserve my phone battery so we could access our boarding passes for our trip home later in the night, so I would have loved to have taken more snaps, but until they come up with an endless source of energy, this will have to do.

The Musuem is mostly underground and have been carved into sandstone and has a real Batman Cave feel about it. A centred cylindrical glass elevator that takes you past levels you never imagined were there but if you prefer the walk, there are a bunch of optical illusion looking stairs that join the levels together and I think intentionally resembles that crazy stairs art work ‘Relativity’ by M. C. Escher.

TasmaniaWeekend-37This was one of my favourite pieces of art that I think I’ve ever seen in my life. You can’t miss it, it’s a giant black skull in the corner of the lower level with cracks allow you to see inside. Looking Inside reveals a giant entanglement of wires, twigs, birds and body parts and what looks like the inner workings of a mind or a body or both. With the flickering strobe light, everything inside the skull is animated and dancing to the hypnotic rhythm of the speed of light. It’s just incredible.

TasmaniaWeekend-38So conserving phone battery was kind of a big deal by the end of this trip so this was all the snaps my camera could manage. We ended our cultural exploration with a cider at the bar and enjoyed seeing free Roosters, Chickens, Guinea Fowl, Peacocks roam the rolling hills of MONA.

If you’ve been to Hobart or live in Hobart, what’s on your ‘must do’ list?

Love, Festival Girl