Sydney Festival – Double Down Diner Review 2015


So last weekend I went along to Festival Village at Sydney Festival to see what all the fuss was about. Hearing some mixed reviews from friends from ‘not that great’ to ‘excellent’, I wasn’t too sure what to expect.

For some reason the Night Noodle Markets came to mind and in comparison although Festival Village/Double Down Diner didn’t have the same number of foodie stores, but overall it was way less crowded, which meant eating more food faster and it actually didn’t send me broke as fast as the Noodle Markets do.

DoubleDownDiner-5Let’s be honest, Festival Village, you had me at Messina/Porteno hybrid… *drools*

DoubleDownDiner-3 DoubleDownDiner-2

SydneyFestDoubleDownDiner-3 We also tried Porteno’s Reuben and Chilli Cheese Fries and washed it down with a creamy salted caramel milkshake. After ordering I had immediate regret in not choosing the French fries with Dorritos seasoning 🙁 maybe one day we will meet again…

SydneyFestDoubleDownDiner-2Real chicken and waffles. Hook it to my veins!

SydneyFestDoubleDownDiner-5Messina’s Not chicken and waffles – waffle and yummy pecan ice cream drizzled with a sweet whisky gravy. The gravy wasn’t really my cup of tea, but my friends couldn’t get enough so must have been just me.


It was a gorgeous balmy summer night and foodies delight at Double Down Diner featuring restaurants including Bar Pho, Harvest Trader & Co, Puntino Trattoria, Bite Size Delights, Bar Coco Milk Bar, Jafe Jaffles, the Village cheese shop Cheesesmith, and Porteno and Gelato Messina.


Spilt into two main areas, on the other side there was an Italian mess hall, a wine and cheese bar/shop combo and lots of chill out zones. If you could resist the food, there was also lots of other bits to enjoy with a mix of free and ticketed events, including the Famous Spiegeltent, a comfy reading corner, the Aurora Spiegeltent and street artist Maser’s giant art installation Higher Ground.

DoubleDownDiner-18I was much too full to try anything else, but let’s just say it was quite tempting…


DoubleDownDiner-15Look at that Cheese, so much Chesse. For the real cheese lovers, yes the entire area smelt like smelly feet – which is a good thing right?



DoubleDownDiner-8 DoubleDownDiner-7 DoubleDownDiner-6 DoubleDownDiner-12 DoubleDownDiner-11 DoubleDownDiner-10 DoubleDownDiner-16Summer library session, don’t mind if I do.


Until next year, if you guys went along, what did you think of it?

Love, Festival Girl

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