Vivid Music: Musify + Gamify – Concerts @ Seymour


Looking to experience the next level of experimental sound and music in Sydney? Now in its third year, the Seymour Centre once again becomes the home for the most innovative new ideas in Australian Music as a part of Vivid Music.

The world of music production is changing and evolving past the point of needing physical media to create music. This debate brings together practitioners and thinkers from different worlds of music and digital design to re-imagine what music is and discuss where its future may lie.

In the 2015 Seymour Centre program, the focus is on exploring the interface between music and gaming. In the foyer, the contemporary exhibition offers an immersive and interactive experience that brings together an international series of musifications and gamifications, video games and generative music.


The Program also features New Wave Sound which are intimate concerts by some of Australia’s leading new music artisits including; Alana Blackburn, Daniel Blinkhorn (frostbYte), Robert Evans and a major performance event from composer Andrée Greenwell, Gothic.

The core of the event will consist of two concerts featuring adventurous experimental music by leading Australian artists, including Robbie Avenaim and Chris Abrahams, Ensemble Offspring, Alon Ilsar and 7Bit Hero. Each concert will be augmented by interventions happening outside the auditorium that involve “gamified” audience participation in the creation of music.

Personally I’m fascinated with the notion of augmented realities and am keen to see how ‘games’ will be used to create sound and challenge our notions of music in the digital age, so I’ll be heading along to one of the concerts.

Concert 1: (Everest, Friday 29th May)
The Ensemble Offspring perform works by Julian Day, Cor Fuhler, Damien Ricketson and Steffan Lanigro as well as Robbie Avenaim and Chris AbrahamsMichaela Davies. Also featuring Alon Ilsar on the airsticks and Lucas Abela’s on the Mini Duelling Guitars.

Concert 2 (Reginald, Saturday 30th May)
See 7Bit Hero and Austin Buckett perform with a new interactive AV work by David Kanaga and Paul Heslin. As well as this, The Infosthetic Orchestra features James Nichols, Laura Altman, Pia van Gelder, Tom Smith, Alex Whillas, Ollie Bown.


Musify and Gamify exhibition:
Exhibition – 10am – 10pm (excluding Sunday)
Runs 27th May – June 6th

Musify+Gamify Concert #1 – Everest Theatre, Friday 29th May:
Time 7.30pm.
Duration: 1 hr 10 mins
Adult $34, Concession $26

Musify+Gamify Concert #2, Reginald Theatre, Saturday 30th May:
Time 7.30pm.
Duration: 1 hr 10 mins
Adult $34, Concession $26

New Wave Sound performances:
Gothic – Reginald Theatre, Adult $36, Concession $24
Double Bass – Sound Lounge, Adult $25, Concession $15
Senex et Sonis, Sound Lounge, Adult $25, Concession $15
Bridge; electroacoustic review, Sound Lounge, Adult $25, Concession $15

Buy tickets from here. Images from here.

Musify + Gamify is part of Vivid Music @ Seymour.

Hope to see you there,
Love, Festival Girl

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