Vivid Sydney 2015 Review – Pyrmont & the Game Zone at the Star

Vivid-Pyrmont-2015-12So I went along on a chilly night to visit Pyrmont and The Star’s edition of Vivid Sydney. The bright lights were on, the virtual fireworks were going off and the people were out in numbers braving the cold for an awe inspiring experience.

Vivid-Pyrmont-2015-1 Vivid-Pyrmont-2015-2

In the grassy area just in front of The Star, you drive the show as you bang on the drums to create sound and a digital representation of your fireworks.

Vivid-Pyrmont-2015-3 Vivid-Pyrmont-2015-4Toward the back, you can visit the mission control centre where you can control the fireworks, not too sure if it’s the real ones or just the designs of the digital ones that everyone is creating. Probably the digital ones…Vivid-Pyrmont-2015-5 Vivid-Pyrmont-2015-6

Inside The Star, a chocolate and lolly confectionery presents a gorgeous layout featuring a cold drip coffee canister, three flowing chocolate fountains and some exciting presentation of candy on display.

Vivid-Pyrmont-2015-8 Vivid-Pyrmont-2015-13After a few minutes of heading up toward the top level of the sky bar, I’m met by the sight of some really tall Daft Punk looking people in a lit up wonderland and outdoor bar rolled into one. In the bar, lit up cubes and Lego-like pieces provided some practical seating.

Vivid-Pyrmont-2015-11 Vivid-Pyrmont-2015-10 Vivid-Pyrmont-2015-12

As you can see from the photos, the ambiance felt kinda dead. Again, I’m not sure if it’s the new location, the chilly nights or something, but there was definitely something going on. I did decide to go on a weeknight, so maybe it picks up on the weekends?

Although I didn’t get the chance to get out some of the other locations around Sydney, I must say I was a little underwhelmed by the Pyrmont location. I don’t think there was anything necessarily wrong or lacking, but I just didn’t get that same sense of awe that I have in the past. Maybe it’s just too damn cold 🙂

Did you go along to Vivid this year? What did you think of it?

Love, Festival Girl

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