Supanova Sydney 2015 Review


So I went along to Supanova Sydney on Sunday. Despite it being a really cold and miserable day, it was nice to be somewhere warm, out of the rain and of course, be entertained. It was great to catch up with some friends, see some familiar Cosplayers from previous years and enjoy the event. I thought this year’s event was especially roomy – I think some layout changes including moving seminars upstairs, gave us some more leg room when it came to the Supanova experience.

As I mentioned in my preview, I was disappointed that Nancy Cartwright couldn’t make it along this year but that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. I still managed to spot a couple of familiar faces including John DiMaggio who is of course the voice of Bender from Futurama. Let’s just say the queue to meet and greet him was bending around the corner.


Kings Comics is so awesomo. Totoro is my favourite, I mean, just look at that giant belly! So cute.

Supanova_sydney_2015_2These Popcultcha busts are just something else. I have a friend who is a huge movie buff who would absolutely love to have all these guys in his house.


What a gorgeous costume. This handmade bow was just epic in real life.


Some of my favourites Cosplayers of the day – Gracie Law from the cult classic, Big Trouble in Little China, an excellent Doctor Who costume with his amazing little robo friend K-9 and of course, my favourite, the old man from one of my favourite Pixar films Up!


My precious…


Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas, Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy and Victoria from Corpse Bride.


Freddy Kruger with a Sailor Moon backdrop? Only at Supanova


This guy was playing a driving simulator game that was created by independent developers.


Play time


The family from the animated film Brave. This family was just so cute!


Anyone remember trolls?


This set up was pretty cool. Since the Terminator Genisys release is just around the corner, why not build a set up that turns YOU into a 3D representation of the Terminator?

Supanova_sydney_2015_15Behind the scenes: how to become a Terminator


These collectibles are pretty sort after, but can be pretty expensive


Ever wanted to see Kickass ride with E.T… Boom! You’re welcome.


Love this sassy Joker and Harlequin duo!


Battlefield! Battlefield! Battlefield! Why does that song always get stuck in my head whenever this happens…

Supanova_sydney_2015_21Welcome to the Alley, specifically, the Created Collectibles zone where creativity soars. It gets pretty packed down these allies, so my only real advice is to just enjoy the ride and watch where you’re stepping. Sorry someone’s foot that I stepped on.

I did manage to find a gorgeous print that I’m planning on putting into a frame. I was really tempted to buy some super cute fluffy ear clips… Kinda regret not getting them 🙁


There is really something for everyone here – I think that’s one of the reasons why the Created Collectibles area really works. Into steampunk? No problem. Into having adorable baked goods and other kawaii things dangling on your? No problems. Love wearing adorable fluffy eared antlers on your day-to-day? Did I mention it’s no problem? This place is all about pursuing something you’re passionate about, finding some other like minded friends and just rocking your look.

Did you go along to Supanova Sydney, what did you think of the event?

Love, Festival Girl


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