Smooth Festival Of Chocolate 2015 Review

Chocolate-Festival_14So I went along to the Smooth Festival Of Chocolate over the weekend at The Rocks and boy was it a gorgeous day in Sydney. I think this is one of the biggest foodie festivals I’ve ever been to with stalls starting from circular quay and ending all the way up under the Harbour Bridge.

Chocolate-Festival_9Chocolate-Festival_8Let me just say it was chocolate and sweets overload! We bought some delicious dark chocolate from Zokoko. Their entire philosophy is from bean to bar, with their beans being sourced from various places including Bolivia. We got the Tranquilidad 72% and the Alto Beni 68%. I’ve been meaning to try this place for ages, and after tasting how good it was, I’m sure I will be heading to Emu Heights just for some more.

Chocolate-Festival_15 Chocolate-Festival_12With so many foodie stalls to check out, it was so hard to choose what entered our bellies.

Chocolate-Festival_10 Chocolate-Festival_7Chocolate-Festival_6We dropped by Pochito Chilean Street Food and had a tasty pulled pork with South American style.

Chocolate-Festival_16Chocolate-Festival_5Our pulled pork lust was strong, so we decided to have another roll from Phillip’s Foote.


Overwhelmed by choice and the sheer number of people trying to consume all the yumminess, we opted to visit our favourite cafe La Renaissance and decided on a delicious croissant Jambom filled with cheese, ham and bechamel sauce yum! As well as a slice of heaven, known as the ‘Opera cake’.

Chocolate-Festival_2 Chocolate-Festival_1

Chocolate-Festival_4These girls were in spirit of all things sugar and spice with their delightful outfits. So Kawaii!


I was really sad that I didn’t get to try more but the queues were just a bit too insane and I just didn’t have the patience to wait. Shame on me because when I decided that I wanted to wait, so much stuff had sold out. Look at all the things I missed out on.


I guess there’s always next time….

Love, Festival Girl

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