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My name is Kat otherwise known as Festival Girl.  I love the web, photography and everything that is handmade or crafted with love. I love to laugh, and can spend hours and hours just gawking at fabrics, buttons and works of Art. Growing up, I was known as having ‘Grandma chic’ as I loved handmade beautiful doileys, antique jewellery and all types of lace. Of course now it’s all very fashionable 😀

After completing my Digital Arts degree, I decided it was ‘about time’ I create my very own blog. I first started this blog in 2010 on Blogspot and decided to become a big girl and get my own domain.

Living in Sydney, I am passionate about supporting Art Events, Craft, Cultural Events, Exhibitions, Expo, Fairs, Fashion, Festivals, Markets, Parades, Photography, Pop Up Events, Pretty things I found and Vintage. I also HEART the art of handmade and intriguing arts and crafts, illustrations, jewellery, homewares, textiles, fabrics and beautiful haberdasheries.

So won’t you let Festival Girl be your guide to all things creative.

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