Newtown Festival | 8 November 2015

NewtownFestival_3One of Sydney’s most beloved events, the Newtown Festival is on again and this year, it’s bigger than ever. After humble beginnings 37 years ago, the Newtown Festival has become a neighbourhood icon as it encapsulates the spirit of Sydney’s most vibrant creative community.

So what should you expect from the Newtown Festival this year? The theme this year is ‘Newtopia’ and it’s all about keeping things local. The festival will highlight some of the amazing people, businesses, artists and organisations that the neighbourhood has to offer.

For the first time ever, Newtown’s lords of liquor, Mary’s and Young Henrys will commandeer the bars. We will see the return of the ‘Newtown Locals’ food-fusion zone and as well as that, the best up-and-coming performers, artists and creatives in the neighbourhood will grace the stage. Also at the festival, there will be hundreds of markets stalls, the Live Art Hub, the ever popular Dog Show and if writing is your thing, the Writers’ Tent brings together some of the best local and national writing in the county. The Kids Zone will keep the little ones more than occupied.

NewtownFestival_1One of the Newtown Festival’s greatest features is its emphasis on the sustainable and maintaining sound environmental practices. *Cue Captain Planet theme song* You can check out the wide range of sustainable festival initiatives here.

Funds raised by the Festival go towards providing community support services at the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre and will help a huge range of community members including disadvantaged groups such as the aged, people with disabilities, people who are homeless, people with mental illness, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and people on low incomes. Go humans!

The event is free to attend, but there are donation buckets that are hungry for any loose change you might have, so dig deep.



Location: The Festival is held at Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, Newtown.
Entrances: There are six entrance gates at the Festival. Gates 1 and 3 – Lennox Street, Gate 5 – Australia Street, Gates 6 and 8 – Federation Road, Gate 9 – Church Street
Top Tip: Gate 3 is by far the most congested so plan your arrival, and check out the Festival map beforehand so you know where the entrances are. If there is a long line, head to another gate.
Bike: City of Sydney provide FREE valet bike parking on the day! This is located in the park, along the Bike Boulevard (access from Australia Street).
Water: Bring your own water bottle (no plastic bottles yo)

Check here and here for info about the event including more on how to get there.

Images courtesy of the organiser.


Festival Girl

Parramatta Lanes 2015 Review


So I went along to the Parramatta Lanes festival last week. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I really love this for a event for a couple of reasons. It gives the Western Suburbs the chance to get access to some of the most delicious eateries around Sydney, it’s open across a couple of week nights and of course, THE FOOD!

Just cause I’m a fat piggy, here are some of the bits and pieces I tracked down and tried at the event.

Town Hall Lane

This lane had such an amazing atmosphere. I feel the setting tried hard to evoke the sense of South East Asia with warm orange lighting, street food carts and lots of South East Asian inspired decorations We tucked in on some samosas and fresh Nan from Detour Indian and O!Momo. Mmmm, I love nan, especially cheese nan.

_DSC1147 _DSC1155 _DSC1159We tried some delicious cider to wash down the pastry goods from the pop up bar.

_DSC1157 _DSC1161 _DSC1169 _DSC1171

Batman Walk

Colourful lanterns decorate the alley ways as you’re introduced to a hidden bazaar of Middle Eastern flavours and music.

_DSC1175 _DSC1174 _DSC1176 _DSC1177

The biggest attraction to the event had to be the undisputed kings of Knafeh, The Bearded Bakers. With popup locations all over Sydney and even Australia, the team have Foodies captivated. The music is pumping, the queues are long and the people are excited. Luckily for us, they pretty much only sell one item, so waiting times are really short.

If you haven’t seen the team in action, I highly recommend adding it to your foodie bucket list. You won’t be disappointed.

From a distance, there’s a lot of music and excitement and noise but on closer inspection, there is a beautiful sense of community and enjoyment.

_DSC1215 _DSC1231

_DSC1218Roxy Car Park

This was my favourite hub of the night. The lights were glowing and the food was flowing and the hipster coconut drinks were yummy! Welcome to Seoul Town.

C0019T01Barry Morgan presents his World of Organs, alongside DJ Jay Katz.

_DSC1224 _DSC1187

Kayter Co prepares fresh coconuts with a creative twist!

_DSC1203 _DSC1206 _DSC1213 _DSC1190

Hands down one of the most unique and best Vietnamese rolls I’ve ever had. I bought the ‘Breakfast roll’ and since they ran out of the usual bun, so I opted for the Roti – and it was everything I hoped it be. Amazeballs.


I hope to see you there next time.

Festival Girl


Let’s Go Greek Festival Review 2015

GreekFestival00063So I went along to the Let’s Go Greek Festival over the weekend. The weather gods must have been smiling as it was a beautiful sunny day in Parramatta. Talk about a great way to finish off the last weekend of winter.

We were met by a giant queue pouring out of the entry gates. It turns out that the queue was actually for all the hungry patrons who were waiting for this delicious spit roast meat.

GreekFestival00041Mmmmmm meat…

GreekFestival00055The queue for the spit roast meat was too long, so I opted for the Souvlaki instead.

GreekFestival00038The dessert on everyone’s lips was the traditional Greek Loukoumades. They are basically like fried dough balls that are drizzled in Syrup.

GreekFestival00052It was really amazing to see so many people coming to visit the festival. Some came for the food, some for the stalls and some to catch up with old friends.

GreekFestival00047 GreekFestival00043

One thing for sure, it was packed! The organisers did well to help the crowds attend the festival by organising a free shuttle service from the Pirtek Stadium but we decided to drive in, so parking just a few minutes walk from the festival was the only way to go.

GreekFestival00023GreekFestival00026This is really the perfect day out for the family. There’s lots for kids to do including carnival rides and face painting and of course, ICE-CREAM! There’s something nice about disconnecting from technology and the pressures of life and just spending some time in the sun hanging out with your family and friends.

There were a number of performances at the stage. We managed to spot the Byzantine choir and some traditional greek dancing.

GreekFestival00059 GreekFestival00063 GreekFestival00019 GreekFestival00022GreekFestival00056

Amazingly, this event is run mostly by volunteers – which is really great. However, with so many people attending, the waiting times for purchasing and receiving food are a little too slow considering all the hungry, hungry people. During the lunch rush, people were waiting up to an hour for lunch and up to an hour for dessert or a drink. I guess the demand was just too great for this big day out.

Hopefully next year the event organisers can address the issue a little better. Maybe the addition of some additional foods including some more grab and go food would help alleviate the crowd’s insatiable hunger.

My advice would be for next year, if you’re just there for the food, don’t wait for the lunch rush. Get in very early or later in the afternoon and you’ll be eating yummy Greek food faster than you can say opa!

Festival Girl