EB Expo Sydney Review 2012

So I went to the EB Expo last weekend in Sydney. This is the second EB Expo since it’s opening in Queensland which I also went to. Yep, sad to admit, I took a holiday to visit the Expo in another state.

If you are unfamiliar with the EB Expo, it’s basically a gamers heaven as you get to test and play the latest games across different consoles and platforms, dress up as your favourite character and just generally have fun with your friends. Basically, if you enjoyed Supanova, you’d probably enjoy EB Expo.

I decided to go to the twilight session, so I did run out of time and couldn’t get to see everything I wanted. But were some of the highlights:

PlayStation land offers much to the hardcore PlayStation fan. I did enjoy playing Little Big Planet Karting. Who doesn’t love kart racing?

Dance, dance like it’s last, last night of your life, life…A few eager fans decided to join the experts dance the night away.

Now this game was mega cool, I actually don’t even remember what the hell the game was called, but it wasn’t the game that was so awesome, it was the equipment you play with. Basically you put on these glasses that hook up to the console, and use a controller to control the game. But you actually see the game through the glasses. I was kinda hoping it would be more intuitive and if you moved your head, it could actually follow – I mean, wouldn’t that just be amazing?

Awesome Minecraft pixel sword

Games, games, games, games…

So it finally happened…Superman vs. Batman. Game on!

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na… BATMAN!

Watcha up to, nufin, just chillin’.

A bus inside, how crazy.

Looks like Thor’s hammer made from LEGO, I mean, Mega Blocks...

and helmets…

Different sides of the same world.

Now what was really cool about this year’s event is the ‘teenage retreat’ that they had set up. In this space you could lounge about, play pinball, play old school arcade games and even do some virtual graffiti.

Although I am not a massive gamer or even pretend to know a lot about it, I generally think it’s just kinda cool…and I basically love Mario and friends. I guess it brings back a sense of nostalgia from playing these games with my brother as a kid and it’s just a fun way to unwind. Although games are generally thought of as a male centric pastime, you’d be surprised to see how many girls are actually into it, myself included I guess.

Until next time,

Love Festival Girl

Sydney Boutique Markets Review | Rouse Hill

I spent a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon at the Sydney Boutique Markets located on Main Street in the Rouse Hill Town Centre. The weather was beautiful.  With the market being set up outdoors it had an awesome festival feel and I even managed to work on my tan.

I thought the market was just lovely with about 60 stalls selling a good range of products from handmade candles, to cute kiddy clothes, to women’s fashion and heaps more. Since it was Father’s Day, it was nice to see so many happy families being entertained and having a nice day out at the markets together.

I was delighted to see how much was made up of either Australian handmade or vintage products and it was a great outlet to show off some seriously talented designers and retailers which apparently attracts over 35,000 shoppers on market days – crazy!

I hope you enjoy my highlights of the day:

Mini Putt Putt golf! Not only did the kids have a ball, it was nice to see the dads step in and try to play against some pretty quick kids.

A lovely singer entertained the crowds with her sweet voice.

Jumping castles! I wish they made jumping castles for big people too…

Mmmm cupcakes from Cupcake-a-licious

Mmmm gozleme…

I stumbled across this cute stall by KzDesigns. She makes super cute knitted kiddy beanies, adorable headbands and some custom made fascinators.

I fell head-over-heels for Cassidy’s Collection and her gorgeous stall. It’s like every little princess’s dream room.

Oh so girly!

I nearly died when I saw how cute these handmade candles were from Wick-it Blooms. I mean sushi candles, so necessary right!

Some oh so original pieces of Doury jewellery made by Amy and her mommy. So they are leather pieces that really look like chunky gold and silver accessories.

 They are just gorgeous in the flesh and I haven’t seen anything like them!

Vintage Baby delves into creating some handmade singlets, onesies, bibs and pretty much everything your baby needs to look adorable. I just adore these handmade dollies – I mean, can they get any cuter?

I heart bunting!

Erin Louise is back, you might remember her from the Sydney Style Markets a few weeks back, but her stuff is so gorgeous, I just wanted to show you all her stuff again.

I will make a minor apology, when I came around your store, no one was manning it so I decided to help myself to the images – I hope that is ok 😀

A few girlfriends and I bought another friend one of these woolen headbands and she just loved, loved, loved it!

 I really enjoyed Elleni May gorgeous boutique stall – most of her products were a mix of vintage and handmade.

If you wanted to come along to this but couldn’t make it, stay tuned to the website and Facebook for the next event.

Until next time,

Love, Festival Girl

Poppyseed Markets Stockland Wetherill Park | Review

Festival Girl Rates: 6/10
I must admit, the last time I visited the Poppyseed Markets in Penrith, was probably a little while back. But you know what, I think that is really what makes it so great. Going around to all these Festivals that I go to, it can sometimes be difficult getting to all of them, especially if they on only once a year and it can be hard to get to everything. So obviously what’s great about the Poppyseed Markets is that they organised quite frequently throughout the year and fairly distributed all over Sydney, to give everyone the opportunity to get to the Markets. How great is that?

For some reason, the stalls were spilt up across the mall, so I didn’t realise there were a few more stalls until it was too late. I guess that is something that the organisers thought would work, but I think it can be a bit confusing for patrons with some missing out on all the market fun. I’m sure there was some method to their madness.

Summerblossom was one of my favourites of the day. The lovely vendor has only been with Poppyseed Markets for about 12 months but is loving it! Her approach to her stall styling is so professional and really is just darling.

The colour scape include beautiful neutral tones, lovely peach and pink and splashes of white lace.

I can totally see these beautiful headpieces for bridesmaids on a summer beach wedding or a natural garden setting. Really can’t get enough.

Butterfly Garden Hair creates some cute accessories for kiddies.

Now I just loved the styling for Pretty Little Things. White wooden frames with delicate dimples, lovely lace pieces, beautiful tickled pink flowers and shabby chic furniture – what’s not to love?

A little lacey outfit – just adorable

Hardy har har – pirates singlet!

Oh so sweet woolen beanie with soft flower

If you still wanna check it out, Poppyseed Markets still on today at Stocklands Wetherill Park.
I hope to see you there next time,

Festival Girl