Vivid Music: Musify + Gamify – Concerts @ Seymour


Looking to experience the next level of experimental sound and music in Sydney? Now in its third year, the Seymour Centre once again becomes the home for the most innovative new ideas in Australian Music as a part of Vivid Music.

The world of music production is changing and evolving past the point of needing physical media to create music. This debate brings together practitioners and thinkers from different worlds of music and digital design to re-imagine what music is and discuss where its future may lie.

In the 2015 Seymour Centre program, the focus is on exploring the interface between music and gaming. In the foyer, the contemporary exhibition offers an immersive and interactive experience that brings together an international series of musifications and gamifications, video games and generative music.


The Program also features New Wave Sound which are intimate concerts by some of Australia’s leading new music artisits including; Alana Blackburn, Daniel Blinkhorn (frostbYte), Robert Evans and a major performance event from composer Andrée Greenwell, Gothic.

The core of the event will consist of two concerts featuring adventurous experimental music by leading Australian artists, including Robbie Avenaim and Chris Abrahams, Ensemble Offspring, Alon Ilsar and 7Bit Hero. Each concert will be augmented by interventions happening outside the auditorium that involve “gamified” audience participation in the creation of music.

Personally I’m fascinated with the notion of augmented realities and am keen to see how ‘games’ will be used to create sound and challenge our notions of music in the digital age, so I’ll be heading along to one of the concerts.

Concert 1: (Everest, Friday 29th May)
The Ensemble Offspring perform works by Julian Day, Cor Fuhler, Damien Ricketson and Steffan Lanigro as well as Robbie Avenaim and Chris AbrahamsMichaela Davies. Also featuring Alon Ilsar on the airsticks and Lucas Abela’s on the Mini Duelling Guitars.

Concert 2 (Reginald, Saturday 30th May)
See 7Bit Hero and Austin Buckett perform with a new interactive AV work by David Kanaga and Paul Heslin. As well as this, The Infosthetic Orchestra features James Nichols, Laura Altman, Pia van Gelder, Tom Smith, Alex Whillas, Ollie Bown.


Musify and Gamify exhibition:
Exhibition – 10am – 10pm (excluding Sunday)
Runs 27th May – June 6th

Musify+Gamify Concert #1 – Everest Theatre, Friday 29th May:
Time 7.30pm.
Duration: 1 hr 10 mins
Adult $34, Concession $26

Musify+Gamify Concert #2, Reginald Theatre, Saturday 30th May:
Time 7.30pm.
Duration: 1 hr 10 mins
Adult $34, Concession $26

New Wave Sound performances:
Gothic – Reginald Theatre, Adult $36, Concession $24
Double Bass – Sound Lounge, Adult $25, Concession $15
Senex et Sonis, Sound Lounge, Adult $25, Concession $15
Bridge; electroacoustic review, Sound Lounge, Adult $25, Concession $15

Buy tickets from here. Images from here.

Musify + Gamify is part of Vivid Music @ Seymour.

Hope to see you there,
Love, Festival Girl

Craft Punk: Small Offerings Exhibition

I just love the name ‘Craft Punk!’ So what’s it all about? Well Craft Punk is about getting a hands on craft experience and learning from the best industry experts. This Craft Punk event seems to be centred Christmas, Terraniums and Upcycled Jewellery and are focused on producing things that represent ‘Small is beautiful.’ Craft Punk is all about giving you the tools to take making into your own hands!

Succulent Terrariums: Quirky green worlds in a jar
1 and 2 December, 10.30am – 12.30, 1.30 – 3.30pm
Beginners welcome (age 14 years and over)
$45 adult, $40 Powerhouse member (includes Museum admission)
Book now

Ever wanted one of those nifty terraniums that you’ve seen all over Pinterest? Well fret no more, terranium-maker expert Amy Wong will teach you how to create a succulent terrarium with attitude. You will learn plant selection, soil composition, terrarium care and hints for propagating succulents and plants. If you want to drool a little more over these super cute minature worlds, Amy has her own online business Petite Green – arg so cute!

Fakery Finery: Jewellery Workshop
1 and 2 December, 10.30am – 12.30, 1.30 – 3.30pm
Beginners welcome (age 14 years and over)
$45 adult, $40 Powerhouse member (includes Museum admission)
Book now

What would happen if you mashed artifial foilage and funky jewellery designs, you would get something like what contemporary Jeweller Melinda Young produces. With a love for frippery, fakery and the ‘un-natural’ Melinda will show you how to use the creative potential of discarded plastics and found objects as they are deconstructed into fabulous wearables. With lots of techniques to learn, you can bring your own colourful additions to add to provided materials.

Drop In Workshops:
Radical WRAP 
1 and 2 December, 10.00am – 4.00pm

Time to get creative and get into making some ‘designer’ wrapping paper for your Christmas pressies. It’s the best way to say Merry Christmas with your own personal signature and style through DIY Craft Punk Radical Wrap. All materials supplied including brown paper, pom poms, stencils, felt pens, coloured dots and assorted decorations.

Here is a video from the Powerhouse team about what happens on Craft Punk days:


If you’re out and about, I’d recommend a visit – it’s to dye for.

Images from here and here.

Until next time,
Love, Festival Girl

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art Members Exhibition 2012 Review

After a hard day at work, there is nothing more relaxing than to unwind at an art exhibition. I usually find myself going along to exhibitions on my own. I’m not sure if it’s so I feel I can concentrate better or go at my own pace or that I just find it very calming. It kinda feels like the stresses of the world just float away.

Although I have whizzed past this Centre a million times on the tram, I must admit, this is the first time I’ve been to this Artist Centre. It’s a great place for artists spread their wings and engage in their art practice. In their about page, it says “we believe that Asian cultural thinking will have an important impact on the future. 4A’s aim is to ensure contemporary visual art plays a central role in understanding the dynamic relationship between Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.”

I won’t mention every piece I saw since it’s all so much better in the flesh, but here are a couple that really stood out for me.

The image above The Gobi Desert is one of the first you see when you enter. Aesthetically it’s quite beautiful. This is quite powerful in person and makes you wonder what’s behind the story. Who is she bowing to? Is the sand burning her feet? How long has she been there? Quite thought provoking really.

So I was so busy interacting with Letters that I forgot to take a photo – but above is a recreation of it. It was a book made up entirely of QR codes. Just awesome. I loved the concept behind this medium: asking you to be inquisitive, touch, play and discover.

The work in the centre is Neo-Tang Pony. I just wanted to touch and play with the ceramic pony. I’d like to think that the artist liked playing with the idea that making a plaything out of a fragile material and the emotions that it can elicit.

The work on the right, Puss Puss, well this is pretty much self explanatory 🙂

On the left, Peacock Memories. I enjoyed the subtle use of rusted corrugated iron and wax with intricate designs, peacock inspired designs.

In the centre, Map. Uses both graphite and screen printing to create a map that looks like it has face buried within the image.

On the far right, My Thin Faces No 8.I loved the colours and use of the playful deity image.

Artists mentioned:

20. Peacock Mememories by Elly Kent
27. The Gobi Desert by Kasane Low
41. Map by Christan Rodriguez
42. Puss Puss by Margarita Sampson
44. Letters by Giselle Stanborough
46. Neo-Tang Pony by Petra Svoboda

If you can make it along over the next couple of days, I’d say it’s worth the visit.

Love, Festival Girl