The Sydney Fair | 21-24 May 2015

TheSydneyFair2014-12The Sydney Fair is on once again! The fair will showcase decorative and fine arts from all the design movements of the 20th Century, Art Deco, Art Moderne and Mid Century. This year will feature some iconic and rare pieces from Georg Jensen jewellery courtesy of Antiques Art Design, as well as pieces by Anton Michelsen, Cohr of Fredericia, and Kaunis Koru.

At The Sydney Fair you’ll find a whole range of pieces available including jewellery, clothing, art, homewards and furniture. Coutura Vintage has some of the most fabulous clothes and accessories from all eras. Antique and Unique Jewels is also bringing some amazing Art Deco, so if you are looking for an engagement ring or a unique piece of jewellery come, this is the place to be.

This is a really lovely event for the vintage or antique collector. Located at the Byron Kennedy Hall, this location echoes the elegance that an event like this has on offer.

The Sydney Fair starts tomorrow with an opening night preview from 6.00pm to 9.00pm so get in quick to find the piece you’ve been looking for.

Thursday 21st May, 2015
6:00pm – 9:00pm
Friday 22nd May, 2015
11:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday 23rd May, 2015
11:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday 24th May, 2015
11:00am – 5:00pm

Children under 16 free when accompanied by an adult. Tickets available at door or buy tickets online

Location: Byron Kennedy Hall, Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park

For more information please see the website. Images from here

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Little Havana Street Fair Top Ryde 2015

Havana-Festival_Ryde_2015_3So I went along to the Little Havana Street Fair in Top Ryde last weekend. Sydney was having temperamental weather as usual, but none the less, the weather held us just enough to enjoy the pleasantries.

I was really excited about going along to this festival as it’s the first time I had actually even heard about the event. What I was probably most excited about was the idea that I hoped a Cuban festival would focus on a number of Central American countries and would hopefully highlight that there is a difference between the cultures of South and Central America especially to an audience who might be familiar or unfamiliar with both.


Mmm Alfajores… If you’ve never tried them, they are basically a sandwich made with two baked biscuits and a filling of ‘dulce de leche’ (literally translated it means ‘sweet milk’, sometimes also called caramel). Want one now?! Get your butt down to a Latin bakery or these guys ALFACHOC stat!

Havana-Festival_Ryde_2015_2LOVE DEM APPLEZ – so what they do is take ordinary candy apples, and make them super exciting by covering them in any topping you can think of, just delish!

Havana-Festival_Ryde_2015_4I’ve seen these guys from the GOURMET DOG BARKERY a couple years back at Petfest and I’m thrilled to see these amazing looking doggie treats are still going good. Doggie cigars – too cute!

Havana-Festival_Ryde_2015_5Mmm churros, perfect for a chilly day

Havana-Festival_Ryde_2015_6 Havana-Festival_Ryde_2015_8 Havana-Festival_Ryde_2015_10OMG Salami in a cone. Where have you been all my life? Aren’t the SALUMI guys clever…

Havana-Festival_Ryde_2015_9 The sounds of Cuba come to Ryde and dancers certainty knew how to their thing and shake their booty.

Havana-Festival_Ryde_2015_12 Havana-Festival_Ryde_2015_11 Havana-Festival_Ryde_2015_13 Havana-Festival_Ryde_2015_14Some gorgeous fair trade textiles and garments from the TOUCAN SHOP. The Toucan was acutally one of my favourite animals as a kid…unusual choice? Maybe favourite isn’t exactly the right term, but I was definitely intrigued by it. Also, I was also obsessed with the Rockfish and Vultures… I guess cats and dogs just didn’t cut it hehe

Havana-Festival_Ryde_2015_20 Havana-Festival_Ryde_2015_19My favourites included the free salsa tastings from CHILLI MAMA (yum!), some delicious Argentinian BBQ from EL GRINGO.

Havana-Festival_Ryde_2015_18 Havana-Festival_Ryde_2015_16RETRO DAMES had took these gals back to the 1950’s era… Ah what a gorgeous era.


Don’t you just love these peacock Rattan chairs – these are definitely on my bucket list

Havana-Festival_Ryde_2015_15I’m hoping this fair is back on next year, but you can find out all you need to know about this year’s event from here.

Did you make it along to the festival? What did you think of it?


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Sydney Sci-Fi Pop Culture Fair 2014

HobbyCollector-2014-granville-6So a couple of weeks back I went along to the Sydney Sci-Fi Pop Culture Fair in Granville also known as the Collector Mania Toy & Hobby Fair on an ultra rainy Sydney day. I’m talking serious water. Just non-stop awful rain…gum boots were really the only way to get around.

Inside however, was a lovely, cosy room decorated in nostalgic treats for the pop culture fiend. The travelling fair makes its way around Sydney so everyone has a chance to visit. The best way to keep up is by keeping an eye on their Facebook page.

Held at the Blouza Hall in Granville, I’ve never actually been to this venue before but it really has a certain charm about it. Kinda like stepping into a theatre of the 1930’s. Perfect for anyone looking for an event space for a similar styled event.

HobbyCollector-2014-granville-1 Anyway, with 63 tables, there was loads of retro goodies to feast on. There was so much to check out: comics, action figures, posters, DVD’s, magazines, trading cards, slot cars and of course, LEGO, Tv, movie and sci-fi collectables. One dealer just returned from the San Diego Comic Con and even had some show exclusives available.


Personally I like to collect female Lego mini figurines – just the cool ones really or the ones with elaborate costumes. So far I my favourites are Cleopatra, the Flamenco dancer and Geisha Girl.


I found this really cool official Finding Nemo Tank Gang ($5 for the set) that you’d normally find from those 20 cent machines inside of shopping malls. It might not be the most valuable collection, but I just found the set adorable. Each come in their own little aquarium that when you stack up, they look like all the characters are all in one lil ol’ aquarium together. Mine came in little plastic baggies, since it was hard to see, I thought I’d show you this one instead.

HobbyCollector-2014-granville--1There was of course, Cosplay.

HobbyCollector-2014-granville-2 HobbyCollector-2014-granville--2A friend of mine actually has a very old Winnie the Pooh bear that reminded me of this little guy. This would be perfect for the avid collector.

HobbyCollector-2014-granville-3 So much stuff. Must. look. through. every. box…

HobbyCollector-2014-granville--3 Ted! | A massive collection of trading cards | The ultimate Metroplex Autobot

HobbyCollector-2014-granville--4This guy was trawling through this box of TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) toys trying to find the perfect one | These Pop! action figures are just everywhere, there’s almost too many to collect | Aww, young at heart.

My brother is actually a really big collector of all things retro and absolutely loves coming to these kinds of events and he is nuts for TMNT and Transformers. There is something about the hope and faith that you have in looking in one more box to find that priceless treasure.

HobbyCollector-2014-granville-5I don’t really know what this was meant to do, but it looks pretty cool. I tried looking through them, so I guess they are supposed to be like 3d image glasses?

HobbyCollector-2014-granville-4 HobbyCollector-2014-granville-7

HobbyCollector-2014-granville-8HobbyCollector-2014-granville-9 HobbyCollector-2014-granville-10Transformers and figurines in every colour of the rainbow

HobbyCollector-2014-granville-11This guy had a serious collection of LEGO mini figurines. This is where I got my flamenco dancer figurine from… I want them all!

HobbyCollector-2014-granville-12This dealer actually just came back from Comicon – the holy grail of collectors right?

HobbyCollector-2014-granville-13I really enjoy events like this as it takes me back to the simpler time of childhood. I don’t think I’m the only one, it seems that there is just something about reliving the nostalgia of seeing and holding all your favourite toys from when you were growing up. Some might be trying to replace something that meant a lot to them or maybe it’s something you’d like to share with your children now and hope they have embrace it and have as much fun as you did with it.

You can see more photos from the Granville date, but the best way of experiencing all this is to go to a show and have a look yourself here 


Check out the calender to all their upcoming dates and venues and also you can stay tuned in to all the latest on their Facebook page.

What’s your favourite toy or game from your childhood?


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