Parramatta Lanes 2015 Review


So I went along to the Parramatta Lanes festival last week. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I really love this for a event for a couple of reasons. It gives the Western Suburbs the chance to get access to some of the most delicious eateries around Sydney, it’s open across a couple of week nights and of course, THE FOOD!

Just cause I’m a fat piggy, here are some of the bits and pieces I tracked down and tried at the event.

Town Hall Lane

This lane had such an amazing atmosphere. I feel the setting tried hard to evoke the sense of South East Asia with warm orange lighting, street food carts and lots of South East Asian inspired decorations We tucked in on some samosas and fresh Nan from Detour Indian and O!Momo. Mmmm, I love nan, especially cheese nan.

_DSC1147 _DSC1155 _DSC1159We tried some delicious cider to wash down the pastry goods from the pop up bar.

_DSC1157 _DSC1161 _DSC1169 _DSC1171

Batman Walk

Colourful lanterns decorate the alley ways as you’re introduced to a hidden bazaar of Middle Eastern flavours and music.

_DSC1175 _DSC1174 _DSC1176 _DSC1177

The biggest attraction to the event had to be the undisputed kings of Knafeh, The Bearded Bakers. With popup locations all over Sydney and even Australia, the team have Foodies captivated. The music is pumping, the queues are long and the people are excited. Luckily for us, they pretty much only sell one item, so waiting times are really short.

If you haven’t seen the team in action, I highly recommend adding it to your foodie bucket list. You won’t be disappointed.

From a distance, there’s a lot of music and excitement and noise but on closer inspection, there is a beautiful sense of community and enjoyment.

_DSC1215 _DSC1231

_DSC1218Roxy Car Park

This was my favourite hub of the night. The lights were glowing and the food was flowing and the hipster coconut drinks were yummy! Welcome to Seoul Town.

C0019T01Barry Morgan presents his World of Organs, alongside DJ Jay Katz.

_DSC1224 _DSC1187

Kayter Co prepares fresh coconuts with a creative twist!

_DSC1203 _DSC1206 _DSC1213 _DSC1190

Hands down one of the most unique and best Vietnamese rolls I’ve ever had. I bought the ‘Breakfast roll’ and since they ran out of the usual bun, so I opted for the Roti – and it was everything I hoped it be. Amazeballs.


I hope to see you there next time.

Festival Girl


Parramatta Lanes | 6-9 October 2015

ParramattaLanes2013_1Parramatta Lanes is on once again. This year there is lots and lots happening, but I’ve decided to outline a couple of the things I’m looking forward to. As usual, I’m led by my stomach but we will see how far my wallet takes me 🙂

St John’s Cathedral
The Piazza
Jamie’s Italian Trattoria

Centenary Square
The Nighthawk Diner

ParramattaLanes2013_9Town Hall Lane
The Spice Markets
Roti Shoti

Leigh Memorial Uniting Church
The Art Space
Live Streaming Sunsets (not food based – for once)

Batman Walk
The Hidden Bazaar

Roxy Car Park
Seoul Town
Grasshopper bar

Red Cow Lane
The Lanes of Garden of Love
Adora Handmade Chocolates

Erby Place
The Emporium Parramatta’s Gypsy Garden
The Emporium Parramatta

If you’re thinking of coming along, don’t forget to use #parralanes

Parramatta Lanes
October Tue 6-Fri 9, from 5-10pm
Location – All over the place. Check the site for the map and all the foodie and fun details.

ParramattaLanes_17I hope to see you there,

Love Festival Girl

Smooth Festival Of Chocolate 2015 Review

Chocolate-Festival_14So I went along to the Smooth Festival Of Chocolate over the weekend at The Rocks and boy was it a gorgeous day in Sydney. I think this is one of the biggest foodie festivals I’ve ever been to with stalls starting from circular quay and ending all the way up under the Harbour Bridge.

Chocolate-Festival_9Chocolate-Festival_8Let me just say it was chocolate and sweets overload! We bought some delicious dark chocolate from Zokoko. Their entire philosophy is from bean to bar, with their beans being sourced from various places including Bolivia. We got the Tranquilidad 72% and the Alto Beni 68%. I’ve been meaning to try this place for ages, and after tasting how good it was, I’m sure I will be heading to Emu Heights just for some more.

Chocolate-Festival_15 Chocolate-Festival_12With so many foodie stalls to check out, it was so hard to choose what entered our bellies.

Chocolate-Festival_10 Chocolate-Festival_7Chocolate-Festival_6We dropped by Pochito Chilean Street Food and had a tasty pulled pork with South American style.

Chocolate-Festival_16Chocolate-Festival_5Our pulled pork lust was strong, so we decided to have another roll from Phillip’s Foote.


Overwhelmed by choice and the sheer number of people trying to consume all the yumminess, we opted to visit our favourite cafe La Renaissance and decided on a delicious croissant Jambom filled with cheese, ham and bechamel sauce yum! As well as a slice of heaven, known as the ‘Opera cake’.

Chocolate-Festival_2 Chocolate-Festival_1

Chocolate-Festival_4These girls were in spirit of all things sugar and spice with their delightful outfits. So Kawaii!


I was really sad that I didn’t get to try more but the queues were just a bit too insane and I just didn’t have the patience to wait. Shame on me because when I decided that I wanted to wait, so much stuff had sold out. Look at all the things I missed out on.


I guess there’s always next time….

Love, Festival Girl