Craft Punk: Small Offerings Exhibition

I just love the name ‘Craft Punk!’ So what’s it all about? Well Craft Punk is about getting a hands on craft experience and learning from the best industry experts. This Craft Punk event seems to be centred Christmas, Terraniums and Upcycled Jewellery and are focused on producing things that represent ‘Small is beautiful.’ Craft Punk is all about giving you the tools to take making into your own hands!

Succulent Terrariums: Quirky green worlds in a jar
1 and 2 December, 10.30am – 12.30, 1.30 – 3.30pm
Beginners welcome (age 14 years and over)
$45 adult, $40 Powerhouse member (includes Museum admission)
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Ever wanted one of those nifty terraniums that you’ve seen all over Pinterest? Well fret no more, terranium-maker expert Amy Wong will teach you how to create a succulent terrarium with attitude. You will learn plant selection, soil composition, terrarium care and hints for propagating succulents and plants. If you want to drool a little more over these super cute minature worlds, Amy has her own online business Petite Green – arg so cute!

Fakery Finery: Jewellery Workshop
1 and 2 December, 10.30am – 12.30, 1.30 – 3.30pm
Beginners welcome (age 14 years and over)
$45 adult, $40 Powerhouse member (includes Museum admission)
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What would happen if you mashed artifial foilage and funky jewellery designs, you would get something like what contemporary Jeweller Melinda Young produces. With a love for frippery, fakery and the ‘un-natural’ Melinda will show you how to use the creative potential of discarded plastics and found objects as they are deconstructed into fabulous wearables. With lots of techniques to learn, you can bring your own colourful additions to add to provided materials.

Drop In Workshops:
Radical WRAP 
1 and 2 December, 10.00am – 4.00pm

Time to get creative and get into making some ‘designer’ wrapping paper for your Christmas pressies. It’s the best way to say Merry Christmas with your own personal signature and style through DIY Craft Punk Radical Wrap. All materials supplied including brown paper, pom poms, stencils, felt pens, coloured dots and assorted decorations.

Here is a video from the Powerhouse team about what happens on Craft Punk days:


If you’re out and about, I’d recommend a visit – it’s to dye for.

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Showcased Review 2012

The very first Showcased was over the weekend and I decided to go along and see what it’s all about. So as I mentioned before, Showcased was organised by the same folks who run the Sydney Style Markets. And although it was a little smaller than the Sydney Style Markets I visited earlier this year, it was nice to see a quality market visit the Parramatta area.

These blingin’ baby tees and sparkle bangles by Mini Bling are certainly a shining attraction. More bling and some pretty, frilly outfits made me really wish I was 3 again. I wonder if they come in adult sizes O_o

Crafts with a Twist has created some blingtastic stools covered in rhinestones – just gorgeous for a little girl (or big girl’s) room.

Remember Ju Ju Creations from the Sydney Style Markets? Well they are back at Showcased with a million adorable bits and pieces for some very special kids.

So cute, I could totes see little Suri wearing these…

Little red slippers, just adorable.

Sunscreen – check, long sleeved shirt – check, summer hat – CHECK!

Yellow, yellow everywhere! How cute are these yellow crochet shoes?

Christmas ruffles from Twirly Girl. Don’t they just make you want to twirl?

Twirly Girl also offers some super cute tees and mountains of colourful, frilly clothes that would make any little girl squeak with delight.

I couldn’t stop drooling over this blue beauty from SJA Accessories.

The gorgeous SJA Accessories creator was showing off some of her new jewellery delights. I mean, how can you not like her stuff – so colourful, so bold – how about one for each new outfit? Boys take note…

Arhhhhhh…colour overload…

oOOohhh just gorgeous.

This was a handmade colourful gem made by the SJA queen herself. Doesn’t it just scream summer?

A secret drawer of goodies.

And my favourite way to end a post is to show the pop up art that’s happening around the event…Yep kinda looks as random as it looks, but doesn’t it look like Tron and the knights of the round table had a fight? So cool…

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Carlingford Gem Show Review

I went along to the Carlingford Gem Show Show at Roselea Community Centre Carlingford last weekend and I wanted to show you some of my finds.

I also bought some loose stones and this awesome chunk (I’m sure that is not the correct terminology) of Pyrite – which really makes me think if a Transformer, gold and a Rock could somehow have a baby, it would look like this!

I love these kinds of events because if you don’t really know anything about lapidary, you will when you leave. A couple of men were sitting around this drill like machine working on polishing some stones. I also noticed a number of stones were sitting in containers of water. The men explained that essentially when the stones are being shaped and cut, some have to be placed in water to avoid cracking and splitting when the drill does its thing.

With so many precious stones, rough cuts, finished jewellery, fossils, minerals for collectors, opals, jewellery settings, tools and beautiful handmade pieces, it was certainly an interesting experience and I maybe looking around for the next lapidary show soon…

For more info about events like this check this out and this

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