Top 5 DIY Halloween costumes

20-Interesting-Halloween-Decorations-To-Buy-For-Your-Home-13Tis the season to be scary…fa la la la la la la la laa… Hmm wrong song, but you get the idea. It’s Halloween today!

Personally, my favourite type of costume is the one that you make yourself – whether it be sticky taped together, painted, glued, you name it! Since I’ll be helping my friend dress for her Halloween party tonight, I thought I’d share my top 5 DIY Halloween costumes that I found along the way…

5. Cereal Killer – ahaha seriously, the things people come up with.

4729b05198df4bb347d7a5f29ce5b2de4. Human Pinata – I’m so stealing this!

3bfc9ec2b87839a16d33262cd8a2a4443. Black and white people – Oh I just fell in love with this idea. It’s so eery...

2b6ff08e8dbfdf1e17f1201f0b4ba8352. Banksy – Banksy is so hot right now, so why not make your own piece of art.

fba3f96f61bbe8762d110c0a6f1be8c41. Wrecking ball pug – OMG. I can’t even. My friend and I laughed for about 20 minutes looking at this!

12cb7e530a0ce75aa3d15f0a3683a83eHappy Halloween!

Love, Festival Girl.