Bowral Tulip Time Festival 2014

BowralTulipFestival-2014-11.jpgSo I visited beautiful Bowral over the weekend and attended the annual Tulip Time Festival at Corbett Gardens. This year celebrates its 54th Festival and this year’s theme was ‘yellow’ and ‘a colouful life.’

Bowral is so beautiful in the spring, I just love seeing green everywhere! The sun is out, the birds are chirping and the bees are zzzing.

BowralTulipFestival-2014-23We hit up Corbett Gardens where we’re met by the biggest dog we’ve ever seen…quite obviously it’s actually a fake guide dog. The area was set up so visitors can pop on a blind fold and get an idea of what it’s like to be visually impaired.

Did you know that you shouldn’t pat or distract guide dogs when they are out and about? Distracting a guide dog in harness puts the handler’s safety at risk!

BowralTulipFestival-2014-22The flowers are celebrating 100 years of Corbett Gardens

BowralTulipFestival-2014-21Tulips are everywhere – even on the pavement

BowralTulipFestival-2014-19 BowralTulipFestival-2014-17A single red tulip amongst the yellow tulip sea

BowralTulipFestival-2014-20Happy Birthday Corbett Gardens. You look great for 100!

BowralTulipFestival-2014-18Since we got the festival quite early in the morning, many of the shaded flowers still had water jewels on them

BowralTulipFestival-2014-24 BowralTulipFestival-2014-15I thought this was the most unusual tulip of the day – they appear to be really furry on all the petal edges…

BowralTulipFestival-2014-14 BowralTulipFestival-2014-16 BowralTulipFestival-2014-13 BowralTulipFestival-2014-12.jpg BowralTulipFestival-2014-11.jpg BowralTulipFestival-2014-10jpgIt was definitely tulip overload, so we decided to check out the street market behind the festival where I found this nifty store – Miss Bowerbird Vintage. With a gorgeous blue caravan and vintage knick-knacks, I just couldn’t resist…

BowralTulipFestival-2014-9Can you go inside the caravan? Of course you can. Inside there is a menagerie mix of vintage and new crafty items that are so fabulous including terrariums, handmade fairy lights and some unique paper cards.

BowralTulipFestival-2014-8Look at the pretty birdies. At first I thought it was a prop, but nope, it was real!

BowralTulipFestival-2014-3I wanted to get myself a red and yellow tulip in a pot for $10 and when I came back to it, it was gone! Oh well, you snooze you lose.

BowralTulipFestival-2014-4We took a stroll by the photography exhibition and voted for our favourite image of the day. I also had a squiz at the book sale, I scored two small books for $2 – bargain! I also bought two copper goblets for $1 each.

BowralTulipFestival-2014-5Craft and Church go together in Bowral. A beautiful display of handmade quilts are draped over the church pews. It was look but don’t touch as these lovely crafts are on lone from their talented owners.

BowralTulipFestival-2014-7 BowralTulipFestival-2014-6 Isn’t this Japanese inspired quilt just gorgeous?!

BowralTulipFestival-2014-2 An impromptu stop for lunch at the fine Biota Dining in Bowral. We enjoyed the tasting menu and boy was it a amazing slice of modern Australian cuisine.

To start, a piece of smoked trout served on a impressive salt rock and a corneal of butter served on a stone with some freshly baked rolls served in a fur pocket.

BowralTulipFestival-2014-1On the way out from our enormous lunch, we spotted this huge iberico ham. Taking a short stroll out the door, there is a qaunint fireplace and a sitting area which leads to a tranquil porch that overlooks a peaceful pond. I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to end a day out.

Did you get to visit the Tulip festival this year? What was your fave bit?


Festival Girl

Vivid Sydney 2014 Review

VividSydney2014-12Vivid Sydney, what a magical time of year. Art is out and about, lights are mesmerising and love is in the air. So I read somewhere that on average around 800,000 attend Vivid Sydney and produces around 20 million dollars in commerce. Amazing right?

So over the weekend I attended my friends wedding reception that happened to be right on the harbour so I managed to get a couple of good snaps.

People were obviously going crazy for Vivid as during the peak period at around 7pm, they actually had to close all trains to Circular Quay, so walk from Wynyard we must. It was an eerie/exciting walk and kinda felt like there was going to be a amazing festival or the beginnings of a zombie apocalypse….

VividSydney2014-1As much as people stomped on and try to get these lights to light up, I didn’t have the heart to tell them that it doesn’t really seem to work that way.

VividSydney2014-2 These lit up butterflies were powered by the sound of clapping. It was a beautiful moment; like a silent symphony of lights.

VividSydney2014-3This really reminded me of Stricly Ballroom, but I’m sure that was the point.

VividSydney2014-4I’m not really sure what this was…. Light funnel?

VividSydney2014-5Looks like Tokyo!

VividSydney2014-6 VividSydney2014-7 VividSydney2014-8There were sOooO many people at the harbour.

VividSydney2014-9This Cherry Blossom wall was really beautiful in life, and tragically did not translate as well on the camera.

VividSydney2014-10VividSydney2014-11Are you planning on going along to Vivid? What was your favourite bit?

Love, Festival Girl

The Sydney Fair 2014 Review


So I went along to The Sydney Fair over the weekend and I had a lovely time. It was nice to see some familiar faces again, but it was really great to see so many more stalls too. What I think separates this event from other similar events is the level of quality and caliber of the wares on offer. BTW, I fell in love with a gorgeous $7,000 Art Deco diamond watch from Chilton’s. Maybe one day 🙂

There’s just something about the Byron Kennedy Hall isn’t there, just have a look at this architecture. Tall ceilings, detailed lines, grand structure; this venue is just perfect for the Fair.

TheSydneyFair2014-27Check out this gorgeous ceiling.

TheSydneyFair2014-20Black sheep was a great find. This is the outdoor decorators dream with so many decorative favourites; turquoise slated blinds, old wooden letter blocks and tin and glass wares. If you want to find them they can be found on 54 Station Street by appointment on 0411286440.

TheSydneyFair2014-v2TheSydneyFair2014-5 TheSydneyFair2014-4 TheSydneyFair2014-6 TheSydneyFair2014-7 TheSydneyFair2014-8 TheSydneyFair2014-9

I really loved the Hollywood Designers Exhibition but like every fashion enthusiast, I wanted more, more, more.

TheSydneyFair2014-3 TheSydneyFair2014-1

I loved all the bits and bobs from Nelly Bligh. Look at all this gorgeous glassware.

TheSydneyFair2014-14Vintage fabric by the metre – don’t mind if I do…

TheSydneyFair2014-13 TheSydneyFair2014-15Fur coats!


Coutura Vintage Fashion not only offered some beautiful dresses, they also had a gorgeous collection of accessories that are just to die for.

TheSydneyFair2014-18Coutura Vintage Fashion owners and Husband and Wife pose for my camera. He says apparently she hates having her photo taken, so this one is for both of you…

TheSydneyFair2014-19 TheSydneyFair2014-21

Who wouldn’t want this wicker elephant bag with pom poms… To die for right?


Coming all the way from Seattle for the show, Lucky Dry Goods certainly had the goods. There was the most amazing ladies blouse with hand painted clowns. Gorgeous right?

TheSydneyFair2014-v4Don’t you just love these pieces from San Francisco store Thrifted and Modern.

TheSydneyFair2014-12Aren’t these beaded shoes amazing?

TheSydneyFair2014-11 TheSydneyFair2014-10

I hope my give away winners enjoyed their day at the show courtesy of The Sydney Fair.

If you went along, what was your favourite find?

Love, Festival Girl