Dreamers Markets – Spring 2013 Review

Dreamers-Markets-16It was such a gorgeous day on Saturday and I decided to (finally) head down to check out the Dreamers Markets in Parramatta. I was really impressed by the craftsmanship and high level of quality that the exhibitors showed. It was really refreshing to see items that are all 100% handmade.

Dreamers-Markets-1I think the Riverside Theatre is the perfect venue for a cosy handmade market like this, especially with this view!

Dreamers-Markets-5Nak’s Wax Candles and Soy Melts had so many deliciously inviting candle and soy melt flavours that just urged you to pick them up and made you want to eat them all up.

Dreamers-Markets-4Just in time for Christmas.

Dreamers-Markets-3Dreamers-Markets-24After lots of debating with myself, I finally settled on 4 for $10 from Nak’s Wax Candles and Soy Melts: French Pear, Japanese Honeysuckle, Strawberries and Champagne and White Tea and Berries

Dreamers-Markets--15 Christine’s Millinery’s gorgeous one of a kind fascinators and hats are sure to be the way to a girl’s heart. I was in love with the black and white polka dot in the middle.


Dreamers-Markets-10I just adored the tiny felted animals from Woolly By Nature – what an awesome name by the way! How adorable are these baby owls made from baby alpaca wool…So cute!

Dreamers-Markets-11And the rest of the animal gang!

Dreamers-Markets-20From ornaments to garlands, Woolly By Nature seems like a lovely way to use natural fibres to decorate your place for the holidays.

Dreamers-Markets-12Walnut babies!

Dreamers-Markets-8 Dreamers-Markets-9Looking for something special for your pooch this Christmas? My Name is Kiki should be your next stop. This clever cookie has a range of adorable, handmade accessories for the superstar pup.

Dreamers-Markets-18Look at these bow ties – the perfect gift for the hipster pet.

Dreamers-Markets-6Jewellery by Sabine had an incredible store set up that invited you to come close and get a better look. Her pieces are unique and mostly made from unique vintages findings and makes old, new again. It’s a little hard to see, but I loved the ideal of the globe glass ring filled with sand and a tiny shell.

Dreamers-Markets-17I thought these watch face bracelets were a great way of displaying the beauty of several watches in one go.

Dreamers-Markets-7These typewriter brackets and accessories are so clever too.

Dreamers-Markets-22aI was looking for a special Christmas gift for a friend and was so happy to stumble on Candles & Silver by Heike’s Caramel Creme soy candle – creme caramel is her favourite.

Dreamers-Markets-13After having a nice chat with the owner of Tic Toc Vinyl, I thought the idea of converting pre loved records into a time piece is a great gift idea for dads for Christmas. It can be hard to part with a record that you have loved to death and consequently been scratched to death. Contact Tic Toc Vinyl on 0415044711  if you’ve got some precious records that you’d like to make into a unique gift.

Dreamers-Markets-21How adorable are Lovely Jovely’s dolls and toys. Joanne the creator’s favourite doll is the lovely strawberry blonde on the left with her super-cute lace doily apron – it’s not hard to see why.

Dreamers-Markets-19Yum banana cup cakes from Love Mitzi! How can you say no?

Dreamers-Markets-14 Dreamers-Markets-23I had a nice chat with the lovely creator from Squeaky Squirrel. Not only are her critters insanely cute, I love the idea of using vintage styled tea towel calendars to create brand new toys. With so many prints, it’s almost impossible to get two alike. I had a real soft spot for the flamingo decorated Hippo in the centre. I hope he finds a happy home.

Dreamers-Markets-23aI thought these owlies would make a some great and colourful Christmas tree decorations.

All in all, I had a great time at the Dreamers Markets and love that this market’s focus is on featuring only handmade. There’s a lovely quality from buying something that is handmade with love by an individual and is all the more special when you give something handmade as a gift.

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Love, Festival Girl

Top 5 Pinterest Pins This Week – My Favourite Easter Decorations!

EasterDecorationsGot a glass cake cover lying around? Why not try this at Easter then.

EasterDecorations2Beautiful crochet egg covers with a satin bow – just gorgeous.

EasterDecorations3Hand drawn eggs – so simple, but so effective!

EasterDecorations4Pantone eggs – every designers fantasy. My favourite is Pantone 156U

EasterDecorations5Ahhhh I am obsessed with terrariums. Why not an Easter terrarium?

Happy Easter to all!

Love, Festival Girl

Top 5 Pinterest Pins This Week

fiftiesdressWhat a gorgeous floral pattern dress from the fifties…They don’t make them like they used.

cornoncobOH. MY. GOD….Best corn ever…

rene_gruauI know this is only from the Eighties, but there is just something about this that I love. Maybe it’s the mostly black background and the veil over her eyes…

soundwave_braceletThis is a soundwave bracelet. Now maybe some of you guys might think this is tacky, but I just love the concept of being able to capture a secret message to your loved one that they only know about.

pugloveOh this is so on the money…I promise, next week.