Stitches and Craft Show Rosehill 2016

So I decided to go along to the Stitches and Craft Show a couple of weeks ago. I apologise for the delay, but I thought that since I didn’t take too many pictures, it wasn’t worth the post. But then I changed my mind and here it is.

We’ve finally moved into a new place and I get to have a craft room of my very own. So I decided the craft show was the best place to start stocking up on the essentials.

Some avid crafters attending the My Patch Fabrics workshop on how to get the best shape and silhouette when creating clothes.

Stitches-craft-show-2016-7 Stitches-craft-show-2016-6

A lighter wallet and some hours later, I had a good rummage around. I always find it’s so overwhelming attending this event – but it’s great to see all these great retailers all under one roof.

Stitches-craft-show-2016-8 I kinda walked in half way through this workshop, but it looked fun.

Stitches-craft-show-2016-9 Stitches-craft-show-2016-1Guest artist and talented Weaver and designer Rainie Williams joined the craft team for the weekend. Rainie is mad about weaving and I’m super envious of some of these chunky knits. Her weaving workshops looked like they were a big hit.


I always enjoy seeing the HSC studuents work and how they’ve worked so hard on a piece. These were some of my favourite of the day.

Stitches-craft-show-2016-3 I’m not that into quilting, but I thought these two in particular were beautiful. The blue quilt was just stunning. Why use all the colours when one colour on top of its self is just gorgeous. The colourful quilt on the right is a collection of signatures from all the craft team at the event. Sweet right?


Although I’ve been to the show almost every year, I’ve never attended any of the workshops or classes. This year, I really wanted to give it a go and narrowed it down between watercolours or fashion illustration. Guess which one I chose.

I loved the flexibility that many of the classes were duplicated during the week and across the weekend, so it gives everyone a chance to attend.

The almost 3 hour class class was hosted by Anita McAdam from Studio Faro, based in Marrickville. Provided in the class was a couple of items including enough paper to draw some creations, access to complimentary backings, backing and a plastic sleeve of course and access to a rainbow of special texters and pencils and of course the expertise of Anita. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who’s keen on learning the building blocks of fashion illustration.

At the end of the class, we were asked to present all of our works so we could admire what we just learnt.

Here is my creation below.


Also here are some creations from the rest of the class – the girl in the grey below was drawn by an exceptionally talented young lady who is planning on studying fashion design – thank god! Stitches-craft-show-2016-5 Stitches-craft-show-2016-4

Anyway that’s it. If you attended, I hope you enjoyed the show.

until next time,

Love Festival Girl

The Stitches and Craft Show – 2015

StitchesCraftShow-14So it’s time for the Stitches and Craft Show again!

If you haven’t already made your way to the show, there’s still time this weekend to head down to Rosehill Racecourse and live and breathe craft.

Get your craft on and visit the show to learn new crafts, buy more supplies and just have some fun. Like every year, there will be quilts! So if you’re into quilts or want to get into quilting, here’s your chance.

Quilting not your thing, that’s fine, why not check out the fashion show, get into a make a take session (my favourite), see some free sessions or maybe take a seat and learn a new skill at the craft workshops. Also, don’t miss the International Textiles Art Exhibition

Feeling overwhelmed or don’t know where to start. Why not plan out your day, study the floor plan and just see, learn, shop and have a great time!


March 5 – 8, 2015
Rosehill Gardens Racecourse, Sydney
Thursday to Sunday,
10am – 4.30pm

Love, Festival Girl

Stitches and Craft Show 2013 Review

Stitches_and_craft_show_23It was such a gorgeous day today in Sydney so I decided to head to the Stitches and Craft show and spend a little money on craft – yay… It was great to see so many crafters out and about and excited to see craft, hear craft and learn craft.

I managed to catch MasterChef’s Julia Taylor’s cake Icing demonstration and was pleased to say that I learnt a couple of handy hints. Maybe the next time I bake something, it might actually look half decent…

Stitches_and_craft_show Stitches_and_craft_show_3 Stitches_and_craft_show_2Everyone wanted a piece of guest artist Skye Rogers from ‘Skye’s the Limit’ and her stall Paper Bliss! I really like the mini workshops she had in her stall and it was nice to see a stall focusing on fun paper art that you may have seen on Pinterest. You’d be surprised how good these paper book features look on a wall. I must admit, I am a page folder from way back when. When I see something I like in a book or magazine, I fold the corner to signify that I must come back to this. And yes, I’m aware that there are probably better ways I could do this and not mark the book, but who would have thought that one day, it’d be art.

Stitches_and_craft_show_8I really loved this kids corner. Not only could the kids get in there and make something for themselves, it’s nice to see kids away from computers and just enjoying using a brush and playing with paint.


Stitches_and_craft_show_4I bumped into a couple of old friends at Scrappmatts – she was showing me a couple of her snazzy techniques in creating her paper works.

Stitches_and_craft_show_13 Stitches_and_craft_show_15aI also bumped into good ol’ Studio Mio – how cute are these new editions?

Stitchesandscraftshow_Vert2Some beautifully coloured scarves from Posh Pendants. Anyone who knows me – the real me – knows that I. Love. Scarves. The problem is, I have waayyyy too many and now limit myself to only buying a new one when I give away an old one. I haven’t been able to do this yet…

Stitches_and_craft_show_22Oh I just loved this little cute stall from Craft Schmaft. I couldn’t get enough of her sock animals and especially her hot air balloon mobiles. Just adorable.

Stitches_and_craft_show_24 Stitches_and_craft_show_26Stitches_and_craft_show_25I guess I came too late for the free Brother ‘Sew Easy’ classes and they were all filled up for today. 🙁 Never mind, there’s always a next time.

Stitches_and_craft_show_27Just up the stairs, the HSC Texstyle display was on and actually let us me take some pictures – hoorah! Here were some of my favourite works from some seriously talented teenagers…

Stitchesandscraftshow_Vert3 Stitchesandscraftshow_Vert4Just before heading off, I decided to take a gander and check out the Metal and Wood Show. It’s really quite a clever idea to have the two shows combined – no longer will bored husbands fall asleep in the cafe holding the bags. Of course I am generalizing, but hey it happens. I thought the Balsa wood surf boards were quite beautiful and amazing to see how much work goes into creating these pieces.

Stitchesandscraftshow_Vert5I hope to see you there next time.

Love, Festival Girl.