Top 5 Pinterest Pins This Week – My Favourite Easter Decorations!

EasterDecorationsGot a glass cake cover lying around? Why not try this at Easter then.

EasterDecorations2Beautiful crochet egg covers with a satin bow – just gorgeous.

EasterDecorations3Hand drawn eggs – so simple, but so effective!

EasterDecorations4Pantone eggs – every designers fantasy. My favourite is Pantone 156U

EasterDecorations5Ahhhh I am obsessed with terrariums. Why not an Easter terrarium?

Happy Easter to all!

Love, Festival Girl

Sydney Christmas Lights 2011 – Festival Girl’s Review

Christmas is only 1 night away – how excitement! Last night I went wandering to see some of the wonderful Christmas lights that Sydney has to offer. I must admit that I did have to spilt my time with some last minute Christmas shopping 😀

I know this might be a little glass is half empty, but I love Christmas so much, that its sad to see it comes, as it just goes by so quickly. However, this definitely feels like my most organised Christmas ever. I have my pre-made Christmas cutlery booties that I made last year, created a Christmas Advent Tree for chocolate goodies, scrapped my last year’s Gingerbread House and instead made a Chocolate House, wrapped my pressies and got my favourite Chrissy wine.

The streets were packed with cars, bikes and families everywhere. Did I mention all the ice cream trucks? And yes, if you were wondering, I did get an ice cream – I couldn’t help myself. It was a lovely night for walking around and taking in all the lights. Since today is so warm, I urge you to get all the family together and take a walk to your nearby neighbourhood and take in the last day of Christmas cheer.

haha I love this guy – moving deer head

ooh so pretty

Looking into a special house window display – isn’t this just gorgeous?

Oh Dear…

So that’s where Santa lives. All lies about the North Pole!

Look at his cute Aussie present

How cute is this camp fire?

A gift for me? You shouldn’t have…

haha Soccer santa

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

xox Love,

Festival Girl